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Erin Andrews No Makeup Photos

Erin Andrew is an American famous sportscaster. She also came into prominence through her acting and writing. As she got much appreciation and prominence as a correspondent for American cable sports channel ESPN and later joined Fox Sports and become the lead reporter for the NFL Broadcasting team network. Her further recognition includes the show Dance with the Stars. Initially, she competed in it as a contestant and then began hosting it as well.

Erin is famous for her beauty and this stunning broadcaster always looks fabulous in her makeup look on the camera as she is very passionate about her looks on the camera and conscious of her beauty. Here are some of her life photos with no makeup in them as she is looking all-natural.

Erin Andrews No Makeup Photos Showing Her Makeup-free Face

Erin Andrews No-Makeup Photos

In this picture, Erin is looking very casual with her hoodie and glasses. Her hair was tied in a ponytail. This is her casual traveling look in which she is looking quite serious and her face is all clean and clear with no makeup applied on her face.

Erin Andrews Face Without Makeup

This picture was captured when Erin was busy shopping. Her shopping look is also very casual in which she is looking all makeup free with a hair bun. Her skin is quite fresh and glowing even with no makeup look at all. As we can see in this picture, she is also enjoying the sun’s warmth.

Erin Andrews Real Natural Face

During her media briefing or session, this photo was taken where she seems quite emotional. She is looking amazing in her casually tied hair and simple face or with just a little makeup applied on her face. Her minimal makeup look is also very stunning.

Erin Andrews Without Makeup Pictures

This is her minimal makeup look where she just uses lip gloss and eyeliner, looking quite mesmerizing. Her hair is tied in a loose ponytail as usual and she looks quite stunning as usual.

How Erin Andrews Looks Naturally

Erin in her early days of reporting with the channel ESPN where she is in her bared face look with no makeup at all. She is looking quite young and beautiful in that look as well. Her blonde hair suits her well.

Erin Andrews With No-Makeup

A picture taken while she was associated with the fox sports channel as a reporter. Her skin is so refreshing and glowing as well without any makeup look. Her eyes are looking so dreamy and beautiful and her free hair suits her.

Erin Andrews No-Makeup Selfie

In this picture, we can see that Erin is again in her casual way and look. She is seen drinking tea in her free time at the restaurant. In her loose shirt and ponytail, she is enjoying her time with family where she does not care about her looks at all and is seen without any makeup products at all.

Pictures of Erin Andrews Without Makeup

This is Erin’s minimal makeup look where she applied lip gloss and a little mascara on her face. She is giving some kind of serious expression in this photo. Her blonde hair was again tied in a very casual way.

Erin Andrews With and Without Makeup

This picture was captured during her shoot as an actor where her eyes are seen as very emotional and her face is glowing with low or minimal makeup. Her eye color is also very mesmerizing and suits her a lot.

Erin Andrews No-Makeup Look

Erin Andrews is seen here flawless with no makeup or without makeup during her shoot for a magazine cover. In this photo, the black color suits her with her blonde hair. Her skin is glowing here without any cosmetics applied to her skin here.

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