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Donald Trump Without Makeup Pictures

Donald Trump is one of the most known personalities of America. He served as the 45th president of America. Before becoming president he was a businessman and president of a real estate company created by his father. Trump is also known as a television personality because being a public figure and president of the United States of America, he appeared on television frequently. Donald has also known to be the producer and host of the television reality show “The Apprentice” where a group of people presents their business and get judged on the bases of their work whether to get invested in or not. After becoming a television personality, trump was mostly seen in makeup. We have compiled some of its raw images for you where you can see Donald trump without makeup. Let’s have a look at these images and discuss his looks.

Donald Trump Without Makeup Pictures Show His Makeup-Free Face

Donald Trump Without Makeup

Wearing a red cap and white polo shirt, Trump is seen playing golf. This is his natural look where you can clearly see that he has no makeup on. His white skin is very much visible and clean. He has some red spots on his skin but they are rarely visible. One can see only when standing really close to him.

Donald Trump Makeup-Free Face

This image is from one of his appearances in an interview where he was seen with no makeup. His grey hair is clean and adds a more unusual look to his face. His puffy eyes say a lot about his personality.

Donald Trump Natural Hair and Face

Donald Trump having a morning walk session in a park. Wearing a suit and is without makeup at this time of the day because this is one regular day where he does not expect to be on television. Giving a thumbs up with his casual hairstyle.

Donald Trump No-Makeup Photos

This image was taken during one of his press conferences. His tan skin is visible here which shows that he is without makeup. He contributed in encouraging people to have sun baths to prevent skin cancer. This tan of his made his eyes look like panda eyes.

Donald Trump With and Without Makeup

Donald Trump has faced court several times. Being a businessman, his many startups have faced numerous numbers of allegations bankruptcy. This image is outside the courtroom during one of his court appearances. His no-makeup appearance made his eyes look puffier and swollen.

Donald Trump Face With No-Makeup

This television appearance answered so many questions of the general public who believed that Trump is always in makeup and uses cosmetics to be on camera. In this image, it is visible that Trump does not wear makeup all the time that he comes up on the stage. His light tan skin and his face spots are visible in this image.

Donald Trump Real Natural Face

Trump in one of his business meetings can be seen with a spray tan. This look of his is hideous for some people because they never expect him to be in a makeup-free look. This picture is from his early business days while he was a host of the television show “The Apprentice”. He is not wearing any makeup here.

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