Kristen Wiig No Makeup Pictures

Kristen Wiig is an American comedian and an actress. She started her career as a comedian and an associate member of the improvisational comedy group The Groundlings. Later she also joined Saturday Night Live show. Although she appeared in many comedy films but gained major recognition and appreciation for her role in Bridesmaids, which is also written by her. Her other notable movies include Girl Most Likely, The Skeleton Twins, Wonder Woman 1984, etc.

As a voice artist, she landed her voice for famous animated films like Despicable Me and How to Train Your Dragons. From her social media images, we concluded that Kristen is not very much fond of makeup. Mostly she is seen without or very little makeup in her pictures, here are some proofs.

Kristen Wiig No Makeup Pictures Showing Her Makeup-Free Face

Kristen Wiig No Makeup Face

This picture is captured from the movie scene of Wonder Women 1984, where Kristen is looking so natural without makeup and looking really good in this look with large glasses and a nerdy look on her face. Wiig is looking so different in this picture with no makeup.

Kristen Wiig Without Makeup

Here in this photo, Wiig seems really happy without wearing any makeup on her totally natural face. She is looking good with a smile and casually open hair. Her face is all natural and needs no makeup to look good.

Kristen Wiig No-Makeup Look

In this picture, Kristen is looking so different in her short hair and with minimal makeup look which just includes lip-gloss. Her face is looking very fresh and hydrated without applying any extra makeup or other cosmetics.

Actress Kristen Wiig Real Natural Face

During her shoot for Wonder Women 1984 scene in which she almost applied zero makeup and looks beautiful as she is showing her natural face. Her skin is looking fabulous and her blonde hair suits her really well.

Kristen Wiig With No-Makeup

Another makeup-free picture of Kristen Wiig which shot during her movie scene where she is all-natural. She is looking stunning in her natural and clear face free from any kind of makeup and other cosmetics as she does not need makeup to look good.

Kristen Wiig With and Without Makeup

In this image, Kristen is seen with her fiancée and twins while on their outing and walking. They seem really happy enjoying walking on a sunny day. Kristen has a clean and clear face in this image too. This shows that when she is enjoying with her family, she only focuses on her enjoyment, not on her makeup looks.

Kristen Wiig Face Without Makeup

This is a very casual picture of Wiig where she is enjoying her time at the swing with her totally bared face. In her real life, she mostly stays out of makeup and in casual dressing without the fear of her makeup-free looks.

Kristen Wiig Makeup-free Look

This photo was captured during the Covid-19 period when Wiig is seen with her face mask without any use of makeup on her face. As she is seen in this photo using her phone while walking on the road and also enjoying soaking in the sun.

Kristen Wiig No-Makeup Selfie

In this picture, Kristen Wiig is seen with famous actor Jamie Dornan. This picture was taken during her video call with her friend Jamie during Covid-19. They are giving their fans a message of social distancing. As we can see Wiig is again totally bared face and still looks stunning.

Kristen Wiig No-Makeup Routine

Kristen Wiig is seen with her husband in this image. She is looking beautiful in her short hair and without makeup look. She is looking naturally beautiful in this image as she does not need any large makeup to look stunning and gorgeous.

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