Drake Without Makeup Pictures

Drake was born in Toronto, Ontario on October 24, 1986. His father was a drummer and her mother was an English teacher and worked as a florist as well. Drake is one of the most influential and famous rappers. He has appeared in the CTV teen drama series and released various music albums and singles as well. His singing style has popularized hip-hop style music. Drake is also a great fashion designer and is in collaboration with the big brand Nike. He is also known to be connected to a football club A.C. Milan. Drake mostly appears in light makeovers in his public appearances so we have gathered some of his pictures in which he is without makeup. Let’s have a glance at these makeup-free looks of Drake.

Drake Without Makeup Pictures: His Natural Face Makeup-Free

Drake Makeup-Free Face

This is one of the clearest and clean close-up looks of Drake. The picture was taken while he was talking into the camera during a show. He is totally makeup-free in this picture and some acne spots and freckles are visible on his face skin.

Drake Without Makeup

The image was taken while he was watching a basketball match somewhere. He is sitting there without makeup and his brown and clear skin is visible here. Wearing a black cap and looking worried about the match.

Drake No-Makeup Pictures

He was going home from a party wearing a bright orange color sweatshirt. He is makeup free and does not have any cosmetics on at this time. His brown skin is clearly visible and light moisture of sweat on his face.

Drake Natural Face and Hair

This picture was taken for one of his shoots as a model of Nike to represent their new shoes. They kept him without makeup and did the shoot in his makeup-free look.

Drake With and Without Makeup

Drake was partying with his friends and got clicked by a friend in his famous hand sign pose. He has dark skin and uses makeup in public appearance but here he is casual and, in his makeup-free look.

Drake Face Without Makeup

This picture is to portray Drake’s beard-free look. He shaved his beard and appeared in his casual makeup-free look. Drake has very clean skin here and looks fresh here.

How Drake Looks Naturally

This photo was taken in a mall while Drake was shopping for himself. His big wide smile can be seen here as well as his clean and makeup-free look is also visible. His dark skin tone is very prominent in this white shirt.

Rapper Drake No Makeup Look

The image is from one of the award shows, where he appeared totally without makeup yet he is looking handsome in his classy dress. His beards look is making him look more mature and handsome.

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