Alicia Keys No Makeup Pictures

Alicia Augello Cook, professionally known as Alicia Keys is an American singer and actress. She has been composing songs since the age of 12 and was signed by Columbia Records at the age of 15. Her debut album received commercial success and spawned several hit singles and after that Alicia never turned back her success. She has been considered one of the most influential musicians of the recent era. Her voice is as beautiful as herself.

Alicia owns a magnificent personality along with natural beauty which makes her look stunning even without makeup. Some of her makeup-free pictures are given below which show her real dewy complexion.

Alicia Keys No Makeup Pictures Reveal Her Makeup-Free Face

Alicia Keys Real Natural Face

The gorgeous singer is looking beautiful even with a no-makeup look. She has tied her curly hair back while her face is almost makeup-free only the alluring smile on her face is making her pretty and cool.

Alicia Keys Makeup-free Face

It seems Alicia loves to make different hairstyles rather than putting makeup on her face. She prefers to be simple and makeup-free most of the time and never feels shy about showing her real skin.

Pictures of Alicia Keys Without Makeup

The natural beauty with a ravishing smile, Alicia Keys always prefers to be simple and elegant. As can be seen in the picture, her face is totally makeup-free and she never tries to hide her dark skin tone in fact she feels more comfortable in real skin.

Alicia Keys With No Makeup

The famous singer’s natural skin can be seen easily in this makeup-free picture. In spite of the dark spots, she is looking happy and comfortable with her own skin. In fact, Alicia always show-off her real skin to inspire others that they can also live their life the way they want to be.

Alicia Keys No-Makeup Routine

The beauty style of Alicia Keys is always legendary. She is a style icon for several women even with a dark skin tone the singer looks stunning in every avatar whether with or without makeup. Moreover, her curly hair gives her a more fabulous look through different hairstyles.

How Alicia Keys Looks Naturally

The “Fallin” singer never feels hesitation in sharing her makeup-free pictures on social media. In fact, she is an inspiration for all black women, and her inner beauty, talent, and confidence bring success.

Singer Alicia Keys No-Makeup Look

Look at the stunning smile of the elegant lady Alicia keys. She is looking fabulous in this no-makeup look. Her smile and beautiful facial features even don’t require any makeup to look attractive.

Alicia Keys Face Without Makeup

This makeup-free morning selfie of the singer seems to be awesome. Her curly hair, attractive eyes, and dewy complexion all are giving the vibes of natural beauty. Hence, Alicia is a real beauty even without any makeup.

Alicia Keys With and Without Makeup

The beauty in the black dress is looking fabulous. Keys hair is tied in a tight neat bun while her face is totally makeup-free. In fact, this is an awesome selfie of Alicia without makeup.

Alicia Keys No Makeup Pictures

Alicia shared this makeup-free picture on social media and one can see easily that she is looking so natural and real without makeup.

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