Elizabeth Hurley No Makeup Pictures

The stunning Elizabeth Jane Hurley is an English actress and model. She is best known for her roles in the films Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Bedazzled. While on television, Elizabeth appeared in the E! original series The Royals and the series Runaways. Being a model, Hurley has been linked with the cosmetics company Estee Lauder and she also owns an eponymous beachwear line.

The actress holds a beautiful and charming personality which can make anyone crazy. Her glowing skin and beautiful facial features don’t require makeup to look gorgeous. Some of her makeup-free pictures are given below which show her natural beauty.

Elizabeth Hurley No Makeup Pictures Show Her Makeup-Free Face

Elizabeth Hurley Real Natural Face

The gorgeous lady is looking hot and sexy in this makeup-free picture. She is wearing a white bikini on a beach while the alluring smile on her face makes her look more attractive and beautiful rather than any makeup.

Elizabeth Hurley No Makeup Photos

Hurley never feels shy in sharing her makeup-free pictures. As it can be seen here the Royals star face is totally makeup-free but still looking pretty. She covered her legs in black jeans along with a dark jumper. The model added a jacket and a leopard print scarf to make her look perfect.

Young Elizabeth Hurley Without Makeup

The young Elizabeth Hurley can be seen in this makeup-free picture. It shows that she is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty with the age it might get changed but she definitely looks stunning even without makeup.

Elizabeth Hurley With No Makeup

The actress knows how to well–maintained herself even at this age. Look at her amazing figure and flawless skin, Hurley is looking fabulous in this picture while her face is makeup-free.

Elizabeth Hurley With and Without Makeup

The “Bedazzled” actress seems to prefer simplicity in her daily routine. Most of her pictures are without makeup but still, she looks gorgeous. Her beautiful smile is enough to cover her other flaws.

Elizabeth Hurley Face Without Makeup

Elizabeth owns abundant natural beauty that’s why she still looks so fresh and active even at this age. Look at this mammogram selfie of the star, she is looking so elegant and pretty here even without makeup.

Actress Elizabeth Hurley Makeup-free Look

The model and actress Elizabeth Hurley is looking too hot and sexy in a no-makeup look. Her alluring smile, beautiful facial features, and glowing skin all are complementing each other and make her a perfect Diva of Beauty.

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