Kelly Brook No Makeup Photos

Kelly Brook is an English model and actress best known for her modeling work. Along with that, she as well appeared in the NBC sitcom One Big Happy. Her other major work included Celebrity Juice and The Masked Dancer. She is recognized as a sex symbol and style icon.

Brook’s personality is so amazing that she looks stunning even without makeup. Her several looks have evolved over the years but one thing remained the same which is Kelly’s natural beauty. She owns fair glowing skin and beautiful facial features which don’t require the help of any makeup to look gorgeous. Here are given some of Kelly Brook no makeup photos which are proof of her natural beauty.

Kelly Brook No Makeup Photos: How Her Face looks Naturally?

Kelly Brook without Makeup

This picture shows that the model comes outside straight after showering without any makeup and her hair still looks wet. One can see her naturally glowing skin even without makeup.

Kelly Brook No Makeup Photo

Several pictures of Brook without makeup can be seen on social media which means she is not afraid of showing her natural face. Despite her age, Kelly’s skin still looks stunning and she doesn’t shy away from revealing her no-makeup look then and now.

Kelly Brook Natural Face

The model seems to have gained weight in this makeup-free picture. But still looking amazing wearing a jeans shirt and a high ponytail behind. Her fair glowing skin even at this age cannot be ignored.

How Kelly Brook looks Makeup-free

No doubt, Kelly is the queen of several makeup looks and is considered among the modeling industry’s beautiful faces. She is considered a sex symbol and looks evenly stunning with or without makeup. Brook knows how to take care of herself even at that age.

Kelly Brook Pic with no Makeup

The model prefers to be simple in her daily routine. This picture was taken when she went out without makeup to buy groceries in the UK. Kelly impresses us with this look without the use of any cosmetics.

Kelly Brook Face without Cosmetics

In 2005, Kelly was crowned FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World. Her natural glowing skin and sharp features even don’t require any makeup. She can be seen bare-faced in several pictures on social media.

No Makeup Kelly Brook Pictures

In this picture, the model has been seen makeup-free wearing figure-hugging grey leggings for the jog along with an olive zip-up jacket. It looks like she is enjoying the fresh air and her face seems fresh and glowing even without makeup.

Kelly Brook Casual Outing Look

Brook is looking far away from her usual glamorous look as she stepped out in Los Angeles. She is wearing ripped jeans along with a checked shirt over a white t-shirt and sported hardly any makeup for the stroll.

Kelly Brook No Makeup Look

The sexiest girl Kelly can be seen without makeup. Her alluring smile and beautiful facial features enhance her natural glow. Hence, she doesn’t need any makeup to look beautiful she owns natural beauty.


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