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Paige VanZant Without Makeup Pictures

Paige VanZant is an American wrestler and a model as well. She was born on March 26, 1994, in Oregon, U.S. Vanzant has earned her fame through her mixed martial art career as she is among the most popular female MMA fighters in the world. She has also appeared in some television series “Dancing with the Stars” as well as “Chopped” and worked as an actress. She was previously signed with UFC and competed in the flyweight division. In most of her public appearances, she was seen with makeup on. But we have gathered her pictures during her practice sessions and other places where Paige VanZant is without makeup. Let’s have a look at these beautiful images and discuss the makeup-free looks of Paige VanZant.

Paige VanZant Without Makeup Pictures Show Her Natural Look

Paige VanZant Natural Face and Hair

This image was taken by one of the cameramen after the match. She is standing there makeup free and has a scar on her face which she got during her fight. Her clean skin has become red due to the damage taken during the match.

Paige VanZant No-Makeup Photos

This picture is taken at a press conference where she appeared totally without makeup and her clean white skin is looking amazing. A little black mole near her eye is visible in this makeup-free look of Paige VanZant.

Paige VanZant Without Makeup Pictures

She was giving an interview to her fan after one hard practice session. Her sweaty face and casual look show that she is without makeup here. She still looks amazing even after this hard practice session.

Paige VanZant Face Without Makeup

The picture was taken by a paparazzi when she was standing in a ring after winning a match. She had these expressions of relief and happiness on her face and she is looking gorgeous in this picture without makeup.

MMA Fighter Paige VanZant No-Makeup Look

Paige is walking down the ring after winning a match and she has blood splatter on her face. She is looking deadly dangerous in this makeup-free blood-on-face look.

Paige VanZant With and Without Makeup

This is one cute selfie she clicked with her boyfriend. This picture was taken in the morning while she had this bandage on her nose and she is going somewhere in her casual makeup-free look.

Paige VanZant No-Makeup Routine

This image is taken outside in beautiful sunlight. Paige and her boyfriend posed in front of the pond of water. She is looking amazing even without makeup. Her natural beauty and her blonde hair are adding up to her makeup-free look.

How Paige VanZant Looks Naturally

Paige VanZant was practicing in the ring this picture was taken by her boyfriend, while she pose to through a punch at him. She is practicing without makeup and has high tail tied hair. She is looking cool in this picture.

Paige VanZant No Makeup Face

This image is a screen capture from one of her social media sessions with her fans. She is sitting in her home in her casual makeup-free look. Her fan captured this screen and shred it online. Paige is looking cute in this picture even though she has no makeup on.

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