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Kim Kardashian No Makeup Pictures

Kim Kardashian is a famous American television personality. A renowned model and a businesswoman as well. She gained media attention by being a fashion stylist for Paris Hilton. Kim has appeared in different television series and reality shows as well. She became popular as a model after working with different brands. Kim has also worked in several movies which include “Disaster Movie” and “Deep in the Valley”. The Time magazine named her among the 100 most influential people in 2015. She has always appeared on television or publically while wearing makeup and very few people have seen her without makeup. Here are some of Kim Kardashian’s pictures without makeup. Let’s have a look at her makeup-free appearance and discuss her looks.

Kim Kardashian No Makeup Pictures Showing Her Natural Face

Young Kim Kardashian Without Makeup

This picture was taken by a paparazzi while Kim was leaving her Gym to home. She is totally makeup free here and her brownish skin is visible here. Kim has very light dark circles in this picture as well.

Kim Kardashian No Makeup Pictures

Kim is standing in a bathrobe and this is one of her shower looks. She is totally makeup free and she has a beautiful smile. This image is from her time when she was pregnant with her baby and a little fat. Her double chin is also clearly visible in this picture.

Kim Kardashian Natural Face and Hair

This picture was taken by a fan while she was walking down the street and talking on the phone with someone. Kim is in her casual makeup-free look here. Her clear skin adds up to her beauty in natural light.

Kim Kardashian Without Makeup Photos

She was sitting in a café to have her morning breakfast with some friends. The picture was taken while she was waiting for her friends just sitting there casual makeup free. This is one of the oldest pictures from her teenage and some acne spots are visible on her face without makeup.

Kim Kardashian No Makeup Selfie

Kim is walking in the sunshine enjoying this wonderful sunny day and got clicked by a news reporter. This makeup-free look of Kim Kardashian is also very unique news for someone who has not seen her without makeup.

Kim Kardashian No-Makeup Routine

This image was also taken while Kim was coming back to her home. She is without makeup in her casual hoodie look. Her black long hair is giving her beauty a boost. A small pimple is visible between her lower lip and chin.

How Kim Kardashian Looks Naturally

This picture was taken one fine morning when Kim was sipping her morning juice in the fresh air. She is a little overweight and her double chin is visible. Her dead white skin is all clear without makeup here other than some light freckles.

Kim Kardashian Makeup-Free Face

Kim Kardashian was going to a party and got clicked by a fan. Her black long hair is shining and giving her makeup-free look a boost of beauty. Her brown skin looks gorgeous even without makeup.

Kim Kardashian With and Without Makeup

This is Kim’s out-of-bed look. She was on set and the picture was clicked by someone before getting any makeup on. She is sitting there totally makeup free and her skin looks hydrated and fresh even without makeup.

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