Blake Lively No Makeup Pictures

Blake lively is a well-known American actress. She has made appearances in numerous movies and received several awards for her performances in these movies and television series as well. Blake is very pretty and has fair and clear skin. She was seen without makeup several times in her daily routine but it does not make big difference because she is one of the most beautiful actresses who are naturally amazing. She makes her debut appearance in her father’s directorial project Sandman in 1998 and later on, made her reputation as one of the best actresses in Hollywood. Most people think that Blake Lively always wears makeup, but we have discussed below some of her pictures without makeup where you will understand that she is gorgeous even without makeup.

Blake Lively No Makeup Pictures Reveal Her Natural Face Look

Blake Lively without makeup Blow-dry Look:

Blake Lively Without Makeup Photos

Blake shared this morning selfie in which she can be seen without makeup and she made blow-dried hair for a fresh look. She shared this selfie on her Instagram account. Blake is wearing no makeup in this selfie.

Blake Lively with No-Makeup carrying her pet Dog:

Blake Lively Real Natural Face

This image was clicked outside the Vet clinic where Blake Lively took her Pet dog for a routine checkup. She has no makeup in this image and her raw skin can be seen easily in sun. The picture was clicked while she was getting into her Van.

Blake Lively Doing Groceries:

Blake Lively Makeup-Free Face

She was seen outside a departmental store getting into her car where she can be seen without makeup. She is carrying a bag of groceries with her in a casual no makeup look. No visible use of cosmetic products can be seen in this picture.

Blake Lively Getting her Morning Coffee:

Blake Lively No-Makeup Look

This image was clicked outside a coffee shop where Blake was seen with no makeup. She got her coffee and have a book in her hand. It can be assumed that she is going to work because she is carrying a bag and have no makeup on yet.

Blake Lively on her Morning Routine:

Blake Lively With and Without Makeup

This picture was clicked one fine morning. Blakely got her morning coffee and walked on the side of the road. She is without makeup in this picture and this picture was taken during the shoot of one of her projects “Gossip Girls”.

Blake Lively on Set:

Actress Blake Lively Without Makeup

Blake was seen during the shoot of her new movie. She has developed a new look where she can be seen without makeup with short hair. This picture was taken in Dublin, Ireland while shooting in her character with no makeup on.

Blake Lively Going to Work:

Blake Lively Face With No-Makeup

One fine morning Blake was seen without makeup carrying some files and going to work in this casual look. She still looks gorgeous even if she is not wearing any makeup. Her Blonde hair makes her no makeup look more acceptable.

Blake Lively in a Pool Party:

How Blake Lively Looks Naturally

Lively was seen enjoining her summertime without makeup in a pool party. She was seen with Ryan Reynolds at this party throwing balls and playing with kids. Blake was looking amazing in her Black polka dots swimsuit with No makeup.

Blake Lively In French Braid:

Blake Lively Natural Face and Hair

Most people have seen Blake with always makeup on but in this image, she was seen in a French braid without makeup after the birth of her third baby. She has taken good care of her skin which is clearly visible in the image that she still has clean and soft skin like she had in her twenties.

Blake Lively going to Office:

Blake Lively No-Makeup Routine

She was seen with her newly washed clean Blonde hair. Blake was wearing a white shirt which hides her without makeup look. She has an elegant personality and looks beautiful as well as really fresh in this image even though she has no makeup on.

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