Rachel Weisz No Makeup Pictures

The recipient of several accolades, Rachel Hannah Weisz is a British-American actress. She earned critical acclaim and success as Evelyn Carnahan in the action film The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. Later on, she starred in numerous films including The Constant Gardener, The Deep Blue Sea, and The Bourne Legacy.

In her personal life, Rachel is married to actor Daniel Crag and they had a daughter together. The actress has a unique charm in her personality. She has beautiful face features which don’t require any makeup to capture the attention of others. Here are some makeup-free pictures of Weisz which depicts her natural beauty very well.

Rachel Weisz No Makeup Pictures Showing Her Makeup-free Face

Rachel Weisz No-Makeup Face

Rachel has remarkable glowing skin. She has not applied any kind of makeup but looks gorgeous in a casual winter outfit.

Rachel Weisz No-Makeup Photos

Weisz is enjoying breakfast on a Sunday morning. She is looking simple and real without any makeup. Her expression shows that she doesn’t care about what people think, she is happy and contented.

Rachel Weisz Without Makeup Pics

This is Weisz’s family picture along with her husband Danial Craig. She always prefers simplicity that’s why both of them are looking happy and satisfied with each other.

Actress Rachel Weisz No-Makeup Look

The actress is never afraid of showing her face without makeup. In this picture, Rachel shows off her natural beauty by going makeup free in New York City. It seems Weisz’s alluring smile is enough for her.

Rachel Weisz With and Without Makeup

The super-talented actress has an athletic figure. In spite of putting attention to artificial products to look beautiful, Rachel prefers to take Pilates classes regularly and takes massages and facials to look fresh and radiant.

Rachel Weisz Face With No Makeup

Rachel prefers to be makeup free behind the camera. This picture shows how simple and elegant she is in her real life.

Rachel Weisz Real Natural Face

The Academy Award-winning actress seems beautiful in a black outfit. This picture was taken when she stepped out in London with a makeup-free face.

Rachel Weisz Makeup-free Face

Rachel Weisz is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Despite the age factor, she still has glowing skin and beautiful hair. Weisz is looking stunning in this picture, wearing blue straight trousers, a shirt, and a jacket along with a hat in her hand.

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