Melisa Raouf No Makeup Pictures

Melisa Raouf is the first contestant after decades to participate in Miss England contest without Makeup. She is a British model who holds the title of a beauty pageant as well. Melisa was born in 2002. She is from London, England. Melisa is known to have done an impossible thing that isn’t done by many in history. She started this amazing trend of no makeup to fight the insecurities of women who get conscious about their looks. This was an almost 94 years old tradition that Melisa has renewed by appearing in Miss England contest final totally makeup free. Here are some images of Melisa without makeup:

Melisa Raouf No Makeup Pictures Showing Her Natural Face

Melisa Raouf Natural Face and Hair

Melisa appeared on stage as a finalist in Miss England Contest. She is wearing no makeup because she was supporting self-conscious ladies to get away from their fears. Still, she is looking stunning in this no-makeup look as well.

Melisa Raouf Face Without Makeup

Melisa appeared without makeup in the audition stage of the Miss England Contest. She appeared before judges in a makeup-free look. Wearing a band on her wrist which shows her number 19 as a contestant. Her clean skin does not need any makeup to look gorgeous.

Melisa Raouf Makeup-Free Face

Here in this morning selfie, Melisa can be seen in her raw look with no makeup on. In her beautiful curly hair. Melisa is looking like a doll in natural light. Her grey eye color is prominent here in her selfie.

Melisa Raouf No-Makeup Photos

Melisa is laying on the grass and clicking her selfie in the morning while taking a walk in the park. She can be seen totally makeup free here and does not have any cosmetics put up on her face. Melisa is looking very sharp and attractive in this picture.

Melisa Raouf With and Without Makeup

This image was taken from a party she was attending. She is holding a martini confidently. In her stunning look, she is killing that black dress look. Her curly Brown hair and her beautiful grey eyes are adding up to her natural beauty.

Melisa Raouf Without Makeup

She is sitting in a beautiful sunset. Wearing a bandana with two ponytails on her sides. She is wearing no makeup. Her white top and confidence are the key to her amazing without makeup look.

Young Melisa Raouf No-Makeup Look

This image is from her teenage years. Holding a violin in her lounge. As you can see she is not wearing any makeup. Melisa is very attractive and beautiful since her early teenage years. As seen in the picture she takes good care of her skin and she keeps it natural most of the time.

Model Melisa Raouf Without Makeup

Melisa is standing for a photo shoot for a news update about her upcoming appearance in the Miss England Contest. As we all know that she supports the no makeup Motto and, in this picture, it is clearly visible that she is getting clicked without makeup for her upcoming Competition.

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