Carrie Underwood No Makeup Pictures

Carrie Underwood is an American singer. Her career began after winning the American Idol fourth season after which she came into much prominence worldwide. After that, her musical career began with her single Inside Your Heaven, and this single debuted at number one on Billboard Hot 100. She broke the history of this chart as the first ever artist in the country and debuted at number one on the chart. As her debut album released in 2005 named Some Hearts brought a huge breakthrough in her career. Afterward, She has gone on to release more hit albums like Carnival Ride, Play On, Blown Away, Storyteller, and My Gift.

Carrie Underwood is considered the beauty and fashion icon in the industry and always stays in makeup. It’s very rare to see her in casual dress and without makeup. I am sharing some of her no-makeup pictures:

Carrie Underwood No Makeup Pictures Showing Her Natural Face

Carrie Underwood Real Natural Face

Bathroom selfie with her weird expressions:

This is Carrie’s early morning selfie in the bathroom where she is showing her eyes weirdly open. Her hair is tied in a free casual bun and she is in her makeup-free face look. Her complexion is so fair and does not have any type of base for clear skin and she is looking naturally beautiful in her bared face selfie.

Carrie Underwood Workout Look

Beautiful mirror selfie during workout:

During her time at the gym, she almost every time enjoys her workout so much. This shows that she is very enthusiastic about her fitness and health other than her singing art. The singer has mesmerizing looks just like her voice with no makeup at all here.

Carrie Underwood No Makeup Selfie

Blur but smiley picture:

This blurred selfie is captured while she sitting in her studio for some jam work. As she loves to take selfies in her free time and share it with her fans without any fear of makeup look. The singer loves to share her real self with her fans.

Carrie Underwood Without Makeup

Casual selfie after gym:

Casual selfie of Carrie after her heavy workout at the gym where her skin is so fresh and shows that even after a heavy workout she is looking super cool. She tied her hair in a casual bun and showed her healthy and fit body to her fans on social media.

Carrie Underwood With and Without Makeup

Great motivation for her fans:

Here Carrie is wearing a shirt with the motivation that you have to believe in yourself and shared this picture with her fans. She is looking quite different in two braids, almost like a schoolgirl. This is her another picture at the gym which shows that she wants to stay fit and healthy no matter what. Again no makeup in this picture but still looks attractive.

Singer Carrie Underwood Makeup-Free Face

Happy while outing:

This photo is captured while she was going out with her boyfriend. She is wearing a casual shirt and shorts with glasses on her face. We can also say that she is enjoying her personal time in zero makeup look and looks good.

Carrie Underwood Before and After Makeup

Her natural and serious look:

Carrie underwood with her totally serious look face and natural as she does not wear any kind of makeup here. It seems that she is busy watching something interesting while going out for some shopping with a bag on her shoulders and glasses on her shirt.

Carrie Underwood Body Figure

Making victorious sign while at the gym:

Another gym time picture of Carrie where she is making a victory sign with her hand. She is wearing a casual dress and again seen in two braids with headphones in her ears as she was enjoying music during gym time. She is in zero makeup look here and looks quite beautiful.

Carrie Underwood With No Makeup

Mommy time with her kid:

Here Carrie is seen with her newborn with a clean and clear face. The glow on her face shows that she cares about her skin and keeps all impurities away from her face. She is looking really beautiful and also glowing as a new mother with her baby.

Carrie Underwood No-Makeup Photos

Carrie Underwood no makeup picture:

In this picture, Carrie is seen as very simple yet gorgeous without an inch of makeup on her face. Her hair was tied in a ponytail casually. Her eyes are shining and sparkling with big dreams in them. She is looking very gorgeous and attractive in this picture as well.

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