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10 Melania Trump No Makeup Photos

Melania Trump is a former businesswoman and a model. She is the wife of Donald Trump who is a renowned businessman and also served as the 45th President of the United States. During her husband’s tenure as President, she remained the First Lady of the country. As for her own professional career, she started modeling at the young age of sixteen and went on to have admirable success in the field. As due to her professional obligations, Melania is seen in her full makeup glow on most occasions. But as she is a really beautiful lady, she often tries to carry to no-makeup look whenever it’s possible. So to give you an idea about her natural look, here are some of her pictures with minimal or no makeup:

10 Melania Trump No-Makeup Photos

Melania Trump Casual Dress Look

In the first picture, Melania is looking ready to go somewhere in a casual dress with a long brown coat. She is wearing glasses and hair tied in a casual bun. Her face is looking fresh without any makeup usage.

Melania Trump makeup-Free Look

In this photo, she is sitting with her husband while watching a game. Her hair color suits her tone. She wears a little makeup here. Her skin is looking quite fresh here.

Melania Trump no makeup picture

This picture is taken when the French President came to visit the United States. Melania is dressed formally for the welcome. She is looking good in that look as well. She has used a little eye makeup here while the remaining face also has minimal cosmetic usage.

How Melania look without makeup

Another fresh photo of Melania in which she is looking mesmerizing without any formal makeup. Her skin looks really hydrated and her eye color suits her here. As always, she is looking adorable.

Picture of Melania with no makeup

In the picture, Melania and Trump both are looking very happy and satisfied as they walkalong outside the White house. Here she is also makeup-free with her casually set hair.

Donald Trump and Melania without makeup

Melania with her husband enjoys walking and talking in their free time. She again wears no makeup here and looks fresh with her signature hairstyle. She is looking quite fit in this picture which shows she does a lot of workouts to stay healthy and fit.

Melania Trump face with no makeup

Another Melania Trump no makeup photo shows her closer look where she has used a little mascara for her eyes while the other makeup is at a minimal level.

Melania Trump no makeup selfie

This picture is taken while she was going out with her tied hair and glasses on her eye which almost covers half of her face. She doesn’t always care about full makeup but instead uses a little lip gloss most of the time.

How Melania looks naturally

Here in the picture, Melania is enjoying her family time with her husband and son. They seem quite happy together. Here she has used no-makeup but still looking really beautiful and fresh.

Melania Trump with and without makeup pictures

As Melania is mostly seen with her husband Donald Trump, here she is also enjoying walking with him. Whenever she is in family gatherings, she always stays casual without any makeup and showcases her natural beauty.

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