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Antonela Roccuzzo No-Makeup Pictures

Antonella Roccuzzo is an Argentinian model who is famous for being the wife of the soccer star Leonel Messi. She was born in Santa Fe, on 26, February 1988. Her father was a businessman and her mother was a homemaker. Antonella and Messi have known each other since childhood. She did modeling for a small period of time. Antonella Roccuzzo has three children with Leonel Messi and is now a homemaker lady of the house. She never liked cosmetics and makeup very much. Most of the time she appeared in publically in a casual look without makeup. We have gathered some pictures of Antonella Roccuzzo in her makeup-free look. Let’s have a look at these pictures and discuss her looks.

Antonela Roccuzzo No-Makeup Pictures Showing Her Natural Look

Antonella Roccuzzo Natural Face and Hair

This picture is from her early career as a model. She was not married to Leonel Messi at that time. Antonella is sitting in a restaurant with no makeup on in her casual look. She looks very average without makeup to be a wife of a famous soccer star.

Antonella Roccuzzo Without Makeup Pictures

This picture is taken during one of her modeling career days. She was sitting with her friends outdoors somewhere and got clicked by a paparazzi. She is sitting makeup free there and her brown complexion is visible without makeup.

Antonella Roccuzzo No Makeup Photos

Antonella is sitting with her friends and having lunch somewhere. This picture was taken by one of her fans. She was sitting without makeup there in her casual makeup-free look. Her dark complexion is adding up to her beauty in this natural daylight.

Antonella Roccuzzo Makeup-Free Face

She is walking on the street with her friends in a black shirt. Her big smile is adding up to her natural makeup-free look. She is looking gorgeous here.

Antonella Roccuzzo Face Without Makeup

She is sitting in her home here. Received a gift from someone and she has no makeup on in this picture. Her natural skin is visible in her without makeup home look. Her brown hair and big eyes are a bonus to her beauty.

Antonela Roccuzzo With and Without Makeup

This is the picture from her college function. Where she appeared in a costume of western jungle people. The love of her life Leonel Messi is posing with her. She is looking great there even without makeup.

Antonela and Messi Without Makeup

This is a family photograph in a swimming pool. Her husband Leonel Messi and their two sons are swimming in the pool and they clicked a picture there. Antonella Roccuzzo is looking great in this wet natural look with no makeup.

How Antonela Roccuzzo Look Naturally

The picture is taken by a cameraman during a soccer match. She was cheering her husband there who was playing on the ground. Her brown clean skin gives her the advantage of being makeup free and she looks great without makeup as well.

Antonela Roccuzzo Real Natural Face

Antonela is waiting for the taxing. She was going somewhere in the cold weather wearing a black jacket. Roccuzzois is totally makeup free here and her raw skin without makeup is visible here in natural light.

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