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Becky Lynch No Makeup Photos: How WWE Diva looks without Makeup?

Rebecca Quin is a Irish wrestler professionally known as Becky Lynch. She started her professional training in 2002 and began performing under the ring name Rebecca Knox. In the early years of her career, she traveled around the world to perform at the independent circuit. During 2006, she suffered a very unfortunate head injury which kept her away from wrestling for over six years. Upon her return in 2012, Becky signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). There she became famous for her fiery temper in the ring and earned the nickname of “The Man” of female division.

During her run with WWE, she has held the Raw Women’s Championship and SmackDown Women Championship multiple times. Aside from her professional accomplishments, she is also considered one of the most beautiful female wrestlers in the world. And while she is mostly seen wearing makeup while performing at events, the WWE diva isn’t afraid to share her natural beauty in everyday-life. Here are some of Becky Lynch no makeup photos that will turn you into a fan of her makeup-free look as well.

Becky Lynch No Makeup Photos: How WWE Diva looks without Makeup?

Becky with her fan

Becky is one of the most in-demand female wrestlers in the world. She always grabs her fans attention with her fierce looks and makeup. Despite her busy routine, she always values her fans no matter what. In this picture, Becky is seen with her fan with no makeup at all and she is looking very satisfied here.

Becky Lynch no makeup picture

In this picture, Becky is seen without makeup and still looks impressive with her red hair. Becky is relaxing and listening to music after her workout in the gym.

Becky Lynch Selfie while travelling

This selfie is taken in the car while traveling. Becky is again wearing no makeup in this selfie and she is looking lovely and happy because of her smile. Her skin really looks fresh here without the use of any cosmetics.

Becky Lynch Selfie without Makeup

Here Becky is seen with Charlotte and both seem quite happy without heavy makeup. They look very satisfied and happy with each other. Although they are rivals of each other in the ring but outside of the WWE ring, they are friends as we can totally see in the image.

Becky Lynch with with her Bae Seth Rollins

The picture was captured when Becky was enjoying her casual time with boyfriend Seth Rollins. Without putting any makeup on her face she is still looking very confident in this casual look.

Becky Lynch No Makeup Photo

Here Becky is busy in her video session with her fans while totally bared face. Her skin is glowing and as she likes to do different experiments with her hair colors. Here again, rocking in her brown hair.

Becky Enjoying her vacation with Seth

In this picture, Becky is enjoying her vacation with boyfriend Seth Rollins. She seems quite different and happy with him without any makeup use. Her glowing pink skin is very beautiful and healthy.

Becky without Makeup Selfie

It looks like Becky is ready to go somewhere. She always likes to explore different things in her life. This is her adventure and casual look without makeup. She is looking very energetic and strong in this photo.

WWE Diva Becky Lynch casual Look

Becky is walking on the streets with her natural face and in her brown hair color. Her gentle smile shows that she is enjoying her time while walking. She is totally in her natural look without any makeup.

Picture of Becky Lynch with no makeup on face

There is no sign of makeup on Becky’s face. She is enjoying her free time with a casual hoodie and loose hairs. We have to admit, she is looking attractive and gorgeous even in that casual look.

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