Nathalie Kelley No Makeup Pictures

Peruvian actress, Nathalie Kelley is famous for her role as Neela in the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Later on, she appeared in several television series including Body of Proof, Dynasty, and The Baker and the Beauty. The actress has God-gifted natural beauty, so she prefers to be simple and real behind the camera.

Mostly, Kelley does an Abhyanga, which is an Ayurvedic hot oil massage across her whole body after dry brushing. While for her glowing skin she uses Rationale skin care products. Here are some makeup-free pictures of Nathalie which show her natural beauty very well.

Nathalie Kelley No Makeup Pictures Show Her Real Natural Face

Nathalie Kelley Makeup-free Face

Kelley likes to let her skin breathe without any foundation or concealer whenever she has her off time. Her beautiful facial features allow her to do that.

Nathalie Kelley Real Natural Face

The Baker and the Beauty star is looking gorgeous in a red outfit. This picture was taken during the global movement- wearing red-to raise awareness about missing Indigenous women and girls in America. Nathalie looks simple and expressive in this photograph.

Nathalie Kelley No-Makeup Selfie

It is difficult for an actor to set regular sleeping patterns but Nathalie used quarantine as an opportunity to sync her sleeping patterns with the rising and setting of the sun. That’s the reason she is looking fresher in this picture.

Nathalie Kelley Without Makeup

Kelley is never afraid to show off her makeup-free looks. Most of the time, she stepped out of her house without using any makeup product but still looks fabulous.

Actress Nathalie Kelley With No Makeup

In this picture, Nathalie can be seen without any makeup, wearing a black and white outfit along with a black shoulder bag and glasses in her hand. Her simple look is stunning and one can say that she doesn’t need any makeup to look beautiful because she is naturally beautiful.

Nathalie Kelley With and Without Makeup

Kelley believes in natural beauty. She is super conscious about her body and skin and to keep them fit Nathalie use to do exercise, oil massage, and facial.

Nathalie Kelley No-Makeup Photos

She looks amazing in this picture, wearing a casual dress along with an alluring smile that depicts how contented Kelley is in her real life.

How Nathalie Kelley Looks Without Makeup

Nathalie takes care of her skin very well. Even at this age, she still has glowing and fresh skin.

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