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Lindsey Vonn Without Makeup Photos

Lindsey Vonn is a former American World Cup alpine ski racer on the US Ski Team. She has won four World Cup championships also in three consecutive years 2008-2010 and one in 2012. She also became the first American woman who won a gold medal in downhill at the Winter Olympics in 2010. Throughout her career, she won many medals in various disciplines of alpine skiing such as downhill discipline, super-G, giant slalom, and super combined as well as won the crystal globe title. She gained the second highest position in the super ranking of all skiers whether men or women.

Vonn is considered one of the best and most successful all-time skiers. Her extraordinary performance has gained her many sportswoman accolades as well. Afterward, due to having various injuries she finally announced her retirement in 2019. Vonn is considered a natural beauty face as she looks beautiful with or without makeup. She most of the time likes to stay in a minimal or no makeup look and here are some of her pictures clicked at those moments.

Lindsey Vonn Without Makeup Photos

Busy in practice:

Lindsey Vonn Without Makeup

This picture was taken while Lindsey was busy in her ski racing practice. As she is seen totally bared face with no makeup at all shows that she is more focused on her career as compared to makeup products. She is a realistic person and likes to stay in a natural look.

A casual picture at her place:

Lindsey Vonn Natural Face Look

Here Lindsey is posing with her ski racing kit with a big smile on her face in the cold winter days. Again Vonn is in no makeup look clearly and still looks gorgeous as she is naturally beautiful. Her blonde hair suits her complexion so much.

Christmas with her Bae:

Lindsey Vonn in a No-Makeup Look

In this photo, Lindsey and her fiancé are seen very happy with each other showing off their engagement rings. They are looking perfect together while celebrating Christmas events and holidays. Here Vonn is without makeup look and looks perfectly gorgeous with a makeup-free face and a beautiful smile.

During her press conference:

Lindsey Vonn No Makeup Photos

At the press conference, after consecutive wins in the world cup Lindsey is seen very excited with her just minimal makeup looks. She uses eyeliner to make her eyes look more beautiful and her blonde hair is set free on her shoulders. Her eyes are sparkling and look so beautiful in this photo.

Natural beauty at its best:

Lindsey Vonn Natural Beauty

This is the natural look of Lindsey Vonn where her face is so clean and clear and does not even need to do makeup to look gorgeous. Her smile is the reason behind her every beautiful and natural picture. She is considered the most beautiful ski racer in the world. Her skin is glowing here so much with no cosmetic products applied to it.

Lindsey Vonn Without Makeup:

Young Lindsey Vonn Without Makeup

This is the winning moment picture of Lindsey Vonn where she is extremely happy. Vonn is clearly without makeup here and she loves to stay makeup-less most of the time. She wants to enjoy her life realistically.

Picture taken before her ski race:

Lindsey Vonn Makeup-free Selfie

Lindsey is ready to go for a ski race with her pure heart and face without an inch of makeup on it. Her skin is looking so fresh and hydrated and she clearly needs no makeup at all to look attractive or gorgeous as she is already enough beautiful.

Soaking in the sun:

Lindsey Vonn Natural Body Figure

This photo was captured when she has no idea while relaxing and soaking in the sun as she loves to stay sun-kissed. She is totally enjoying the sunny day with bared face and looks quite relaxed. This is an important message for her fans to stay hydrated and gain vitamins from the sun’s rays.

Vonn’s naturally smiley face:

Lindsey Vonn With and Without Makeup

As I already discussed her naturally beautiful smile so she needs nothing to wear on her skin like makeup as she has the most beautiful smile to look gorgeous. Her confidence is another ornament as she remains confident in her no makeup look.

Vonn’s winning moment:

Lindsey Vonn With No Face Makeup

Another happy moment for Lindsey Vonn where she is seen with her kit, medal, and trophy after winning her ski race. Again she is looking naturally beautiful without wearing any makeup product although she is wearing a big smile on her beautiful face.

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