Pictures of Dua Lipa With No Makeup

Dua Lipa is an American singer. Her career began with modeling but soon she signed a contract with Warner Music Group and started her singing career. Soon she released her debut album named her own name Dua Lipa. Her debut album ranked third place in the UK Albums Chart and she also released a number of singles and won various accolades for her breakthrough performances in her musical career.

She is considered a fashion icon in the industry and appeared on magazine covers and also modeled for many fashion designers. As her career started with modeling so she seems always focused on her beauty and seems very conscious about her looks whether it’s in real life or while performing on the stage. Here are some of her normal days’ pictures in which she is looking quite different and unrecognizable:

Dua Lipa With No Makeup On Her Face

Bared face selfie in the car:

Dua Lipa Natural Real Face

In this selfie, Dua is totally bared face without any kind of cosmetics applied to her face. This selfie shows her glowing skin. She mostly likes to share her bared face selfies with her fans on social media. This selfie is captured in the car while she was on her way for an outing with a totally casual look.

The casual airport look with no makeup:

Dua Lipa With No Makeup

This picture is captured at the airport while she was in her casual outfit like upper and jeans with glasses on her face and with her zero makeup look. She is looking cool in this get-up and needs no makeup here to look good. Her casual outfit for traveling is very trendy now a day.

During her rehearsals:

No-Makeup Face of Dua Lipa

Here Lipa is seen on stage during her rehearsals. Again she is in a makeup-free face and showed her natural beauty on her social media account. She is looking very attractive in her no-makeup face look. she never hesitates to share her bare face photos on social media as she likes to stay free from makeup.

Enjoying pool time in the sun:

Dua Lipa Face Without Makeup

Dua shared her photo on Instagram where she was enjoying swimming in the sun. This photo is named by her “Sun Kissed” and received many likes from her fans on this photo. In this photo, she is looking very hot and smart with a makeup-free face.

Going for some adventure:

Dua Lipa No Makeup Selfie

Here Dua Lipa is seen in her casual hoodie while going for some traveling adventure. Her face is free from makeup products and still looks beautiful in this simple and casual look. As she uses a little lip gloss here to make her lips glow. Otherwise, her skin is also looking very hydrated without any makeup products.

Picture taken during her shoot:

Dua Lipa With and Without Makeup

This picture is taken during her magazine cover shoot where she is just in her minimal makeup look like mascara and gloss. She is looking very hot and beautiful in her minimal makeup look. she does not need extra makeup to look attractive as she is already an attractive girl.

Pretty girl in the house:

Dua Lipa No Makeup Photos

As Dua made her huge fan following on social media accounts through her sweet and beautiful voice. The same is the case with her looks, she can easily grab hearts through her sexy looks. Again she just uses a little gloss and mascara and has naturally beautiful and killing looks.

Selfie taken while relaxing:

How Dua Lipa Looks Makeup-Free

Here Dua is totally in her relaxing mood without any makeup applied to her face. Her hair is tied in a bun and she is relaxing on her bed. Her skin is looking so fresh and hydrated as she cares about her beauty and skin more often. She looked good even with this clear face.

Selfie time of Dua:

Dua Lipa Makeup-Free Face

In this selfie, Lipa has a makeup-free face with clear and clean skin. Her hair is casually left open on her shoulders and she never shies to share her casual photos with her fans. Dua loves to stay makeup free in her personal or real-time that’s why she received much love from her fan following.

Soaking in the sun after swimming:

Dua Lipa With No Makeup On Her Face

Here Dua is seen sitting in the sun and soaking it after taking a wonderful swim as her wet hair shows us. She is enjoying sun kissing in the clear and bared face with literally no makeup applied on her face. She is looking quite attractive and beautiful in this without makeup selfie as well.


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