Sofia Vergara No Makeup Look Latest Pictures

Sofia Vergara is a Colombian-American actress and model. She started her career as a model and became famous for her extra-ordinary beauty and fashion sense in the industry. Sofia initiall earned fame through modeling and then moved into the field of acting where she has starred in many films and TV shows till now. She got a breakthrough in her career with the sitcom Modern Family and since then has become an internationally recognized Hollywood star. Over the years, we have seen her with makeup most of the time, but on a few occassions, she ditched that regular routine and went completey makeup free. Below are some of her those rare look pictures.

Sofia Vergara No Makeup Look Latest Pictures

Sofia Vergara without Makeup

This photo of Sofia is taken on the street in the early morning. She seems quite relaxed with her bare face and doesn’t care about her looks in public. This shows her natural morning face with no makeup.

Sofia Vergara at Pool

This picture shows her natural beauty with a pure and clear face along with blonde hair. She is really looking gorgeous in this picture as she is wearing no makeup at all. Her hair and the glow on her face increase her natural beauty.

Sofia Vergara Morning Selfie

Another beautiful selfie of Sofia shows that she is not afraid to show her real face to the public.

Sofia Vergara Casual Look

In this picture, it seems like Sofia is enjoying her time fully while walking and eating. She is looking very casual in her dress and wears no makeup here. The actress is looking very cute in this casual look and hairstyle.

Sofia Vergara No Makeup

Although, Sofia looked tired in this picture but still she is not looking bad. We can say that she is one of the natural beauties in the industry who looks great even without any kind of makeup.

Sofia Vergara Shopping Look

The actress looks even more beautiful in that simple photo where she seems to be going for shopping. This should be an example for many actresses who are conscious about their makeup look even in shopping time.

Sofia Vergara bedtime selfie

This is her bedtime selfie. This selfie was admired by her fans very much. This is her relaxing time and shows her dedication to her healthy and beautiful skin by applying no makeup. Her skin is looking so fresh with zero makeup at bedtime.

Sofia Vergara Zero Makeup Pic

She is enjoying her free time with her husband at the shopping and eating. She is looking carefree about her makeup in the public place. In this picture, she uses minimal makeup.

Sofia Vergara Selfie in Bed

Another bedtime selfie of Sofia in which she uses a little eyeliner. She is looking naturally beautiful in that selfie too.

Sofia Vergara Makeup Free Photo

This is another Sofia Vergara no makeup look picture where she is enjoying a sunny day with zero makeup. She looked impressive in her looks which shows her natural beauty. In this photo, she shows childish expressions of her, which makes her natural beauty even more cute and gorgeous.

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