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James Charles No Makeup Pictures

James Charles is a young YouTube star, makeup artist, and beauty icon. He introduced a new fashion by using his skills and beauty. Over the course of his career, he has created many gorgeous looks with makeup and has received worlwide appreciation for it. As mostly he is seen with makeup on his YouTube channel, below we have collected several of his everyday-life images without any makeup. Although he look pretty different then his usual online look but still we believe that you will endup appreciating his beauty even in these no-makeup looks.

James Charles No Makeup Pictures: What is his Natural Look?

James Charles Makeup-free selfie

In this first picture of James, he is looking quite natural without the use of any base and makeup products. He looks relatively different with this clear face but one thing is clear, there is no need for him to use artificial products to look good.

James Charles no-makeup picture

This picture reveals that he is not conscious about his beauty all the time. As he is considered a beauty icon in the industry so he must need guts to post this image which shows several spots on his face.

James Charles Selfie without makeup

This photo was taken between shots where he has used minimal makeup which includes just a little bit of eyeliner. His spots on skin show that he does not use any base here. His features look sharp in the photo.

James Charles casual look selfie

In the picture, he is seen wearing a cap and contact lenses while traveling. In his simple look, he is looking more handsome and dashing.

Picture of James Charles with no makeup

Another picture of James where he is so real and fresh with zero-makeup. He is looking very handsome in the picture. I must say, he should post his makeup-free selfies more often because he got very sharp and beautiful features.

James Charles selfie

This is another of James Charles no makeup pictures. He is looking quite a gentleman with no makeup. His skin and face are so real and fresh. His bared face with sharp eyes looks quite imitating to his fans.

James Charles traveling in Car

He took this selfie in the car while traveling. James is wearing a jacket due to the cold weather with little use of lip gloss. He is looking quite a handsome young boy without the use of heavy makeup products.

James Charles with his pet dog

James is a pet lover boy. He loves his dog so much which we can see in the image. He seems like meeting his pet after a long time. In the image, he used no makeup at all. As he is enjoying his free time in his home.

How James Charles looks naturally

This picture is taken during his vacation time where he seems to be enjoying the nature fully. He is wearing no makeup there but still looks quite handsome and impressive. Even though he has spots on his skin but still he looks dashing no doubt.

Latest Pic of James Charles without makeup

Here James is looking very casual in his shorts and wearing a mask with a coffee in his hands. He is roaming without makeup in the mask. He is looking so young and handsome in this photo as well.

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