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Alexa Bliss No Makeup Photos

Alexa Kaufman is an American Wrestler and is currently signed under WWE under her ring name Alexa Bliss. Her training starts under WWE where she was assigned to WWE Performance Center and NXT. In 2016, she made her main career debut with SmackDown. She holds the two times SmackDown Women’s Champion title and three times Raw Women’s Champion and became the first woman who holds both SmackDown and Raw Women’s titles.

As for her personal life, she is very much fond of makeup as we can see her with a makeup face in the ring as well. She also started makeup tutorial videos on YouTube to reveal her beauty in makeup. Here we are sharing some of her no-makeup looks where she is looking quite different.

Alexa Bliss No Makeup Photos

Alexa Bliss Without Makeup

Alexa Bliss is one of the divas in WWE and looks good whether with or without makeup. Here Alexa shared her selfie on social media where she is totally bared face and looks good in her non-makeup look. otherwise, she mostly stays in makeup in the ring.

Alexa Bliss No Makeup Routine

In this picture, Alexa is glowing without makeup and looking really very stunning. Her colored eyes are looking extremely beautiful. She does not need any makeup to look beautiful as she is gorgeous in any way.

Alexa Bliss Makeup-free Face

This is Alexa’s traveling look where she is seen in a formal way with the hoodie and sunglasses. She is not wearing any kind of makeup and her skin is glowing and looks flawless with no makeup at all.

WWE Diva Without Makeup

Another bedroom selfie of Alexa where she is in her total relaxing mood and does not even wear a moderate amount of makeup. Her expressing eyes and her smile make her stunning even without the use of makeup on her face.

How Alexa Bliss Looks Makeup-free

In this photo, Alexa is in a totally casual look and it seems like she is going for some workout in the gym. She is looking so different as she is without makeup here. She is considered the perfect package for the WWE ring and is also considered one of the most beautiful divas in the WWE.

Alexa Bliss With and Without Makeup

Here again, Bliss is out of makeup look as she is enjoying her free time at home. She is having her me time at home and does not care about makeup in her free time. She is very happy in this picture and looks gorgeous as well.

Alexa Bliss With No Makeup

This is Alexa’s airplane selfie where she is looking so stunning with her pure skin without applying any makeup products on it. She is absolutely looking graceful and gorgeous in this photo with her beautiful glowing and natural-looking face.

Alexa Bliss Real Natural Face

This selfie was captured by Alexa with some weird expressions on her face. She is in her casual jacket and cap and shows expressions like she is not much happy. Again she doesn’t wear even a little makeup here.

Alexa Bliss No Makeup Photos

Alexa in this picture looks really happy and this picture is captured at the airport in her casual airport look. Her hair looks so beautiful and her broad eyes seem very classy and add beauty to her already stunning face.

Alexa Bliss No Makeup Selfie

Alexa while enjoying her coffee time at home. She is very fond of taking selfies in her bare face at home. She is looking like a sensitive and beautiful girl with her glamorous skin. Alexa is really looking very stunning without makeup here and in her natural face look.

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