Denise Richards No Makeup Natural Face Pictures

The famous American actress and former model, Denise Richards is born on 17th February 1971. She began modeling as a teenager and appeared in print ads for Bonne Bell cosmetics in 1991. Later on, Denise starred in several films and television shows such as Starship Troopers, Wild Things, Scary Movie 3, and Love Actually. While, she has also gained recognition for several roles on television including Blue Mountain, Twisted, and The Bold and the Beautiful. In 2011, Richards published a memoir named The Real Girl Next Door which received commercial success and became a New York Times Best Seller.

The actress still looks bold and beautiful like in her television show. Her charismatic personality and naturally beautiful facial features don’t require any makeup behind the camera. Some of her makeup-free pictures are given below which show her natural beauty.

Denise Richards No Makeup Natural Face Pictures

Denise Richards With No Makeup

In this picture, Richards can be seen makeup-free. Her flawless ad radiant skin can be seen easily. She is not obsessed with wearing makeup while leaving the house and even then she is looking gorgeous here.

How Denise Richards Looks Makeup-Free

The Love Actually actress never feels shy in sharing her makeup-free pictures with her fans. She just follows a healthy lifestyle which makes her skin fresh and healthy and even in her 50s, the star looks amazing.

Denise Richards No Makeup Photos

Denise is looking stunning even without makeup. She is the mother of three children and still well-maintained herself in a beautiful way. Her glowing skin and stunning figure are a result of a workout.

Denise Richards Natural Face

The Bold and the Beautiful actress is looking stunning in this simple look. Her well-maintained slim figure can be seen easily here. Denise’s face is totally makeup-free, she has put sun-glasses on her face here and made a bun of her blonde hair which makes her more elegant.

Denise Richards Without Makeup

The mother of three children is looking fabulous even without makeup. Her flawless skin and beautiful face features don’t require any makeup indeed.

Denise Richards No-Makeup Face

Richards can be seen here shopping with her daughters in Beverly Hills. She is wearing casual jeans and a shirt along with long shoes while her face is totally makeup-free.

Denise Richards Without Surgery

The stunning Denise owns beautiful face features along with an alluring smile which makes her look more beautiful. Glammed or de-glammed she always looks beautiful in every avatar.

Denise Richards With and Without Makeup Pics

Richards feels comfortable in casual dresses and makeup-free face. She loves to do workouts that maintained her slim figure and make her skin refreshing all the time.

Denise Richards No Makeup Pictures

The former model Denise Richards still looks fabulous even without any makeup. She feels comfortable in her own skin and prefers to be makeup-free in her daily routine. As it can be seen in the picture.

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