Cardi B No Makeup Pictures

Cardi B is a American rapper known mostly for her aggressive and candid lyrics. She gathered her popularity mostly from social media and vines. Cardi mostly appears on her social media accounts without makeup and she looks totally different in her no makeup looks. We have gathered some of her images in which she is not wearing any makeup. These images are discussed in detail below:

Cardi B No Makeup Pictures: How Her Face Looks Makeup-Free?

Cardi B Natural Face and Hair

This picture is taken from one of her online appearances during her live session on her Instagram account. It is clearly visible that she is wearing no makeup here. She has a dark complexion and black hair. Her dark circles are also visible in this image.

Cardi B No-Makeup Photos

She was captured during one of her local trips. Where she can be seen in a casual tracksuit without any makeup. She got out of her car and the paparazzi captured her in this raw look. The rapper is looking totally different in this no makeup look as compared to her makeup appearance.

Cardi B Makeup-Free Face

She was live on her Instagram account and was talking about how her day went. Her sleepy eyes and dark complexion are clearly visible in this picture of her without makeup. She is wearing a nose pin and a small pendant but no makeup or cosmetics on at this time.

How Cardi B Looks Naturally

During the morning walk, she is seen in her Pink dyed hair and a purple hoodie covering her head. She is walking makeup-free in this look. She has totally different and kind of childish personality without makeup.

Cardi B Without Makeup Pics

This photo was taken during one of her traveling days. She appeared in a grey crop top hoodie without any makeup. She was traveling casually for one of her projects. Her belly tattoo on her dark skin is also visible in this image.

Young Cardi B Without Makeup

This was one of her shooting days. Cardi B was coming to shoot for one of her new songs and got captured by paparazzi in her no-makeup look. Wearing a peach hoodie with her head covered and she is without makeup in this picture.

Cardi B With and Without Makeup

While shopping in a mall Cardi B was captured in her casual headband look. She is wearing a blue short dress with a scarf tied to her head. She can be seen totally makeup free here. Her casual look is totally different from the one she had when wore makeup.

Cardi B Face Without Makeup

Here Cardi B is carrying her baby in a customer of Minnie the Mouse. This picture was taken during her tour of Disney land with her daughter. She was in a casual look without makeup with a cap on her head. This adds up to her mommy’s look and makeup-free day with her kid.

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