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How Meghan Markle Looks Without Makeup in Pictures

Meghan Markle is a former professional actress and now a member of the British royal family. As for her acting career, she first appeared on-screen in the early-2000s while achieved global popularity through her role as Rachel Zane in the hit drama series, Suits. Outside that, she is also known for humanitarian work and being an outspoken feminist. Her journey from being an actress to a member of the British royal family began when she started dating Prince Harry. The couple announced their engagement in 2017 and then got married in the following year. After the marriage, she was crowned as the Duchess of Sussex.

As throughout her on-screen career and even at royal events now, Meghan is mostly seen in a formal look that is always supported by a touch of makeup. But for those who want to see her in her natural look, luckily she has been clicked on a few occasions where she is wearing minimal to no makeup at all. So to find out how Meghan Markle looks without makeup in pictures, check out the whole article below.

How Meghan Markle Looks Without Makeup in Pictures

Bedtime selfie of Meghan Markle:

Bed time selfie of Meghan Markle

This selfie is captured while she was relaxing on her bed. This is a long time before her royal marriage when she was just an actress. Meghan is known for using no or very little makeup in her everyday routine.

The casual look of Meghan:

Casual look of Meghan Markle

Here Meghan is looking very casual in her style as she wears jeans with a shirt and a long coat while being bared face. She is of mixed-race but never applied a lot amount of base to look fair as she is always comfortable in her natural skin color and looks extraordinarily beautiful.

During her royal visit:

Meghan Markle During Royal Visit

Markle is seen in a very minimal makeup look here as well where she is on her royal visit after marriage. She just applied mascara and lip gloss on her face and looks marvelous in those loose curls. She is the perfect natural beauty of her era.

Enjoying games with Prince Harry:

Duchess of Sussex without makeup

The royal couple is out to promote games and also enjoying them while out with kids there. Harry and Meghan look perfect together and not seem too overdressed for their visit. As always, Markle is looking beautiful with little makeup on her face.

Happily married Meghan Markle:

Meghan Markle Wedding Day Look

This picture was taken on her wedding day when she was really happy. She is the perfect example for all the brides out there who wear heavy makeup on their big day and don’t let their natural beauty glow. Meghan is looking really gorgeous in low makeup look even on her wedding day.

Meghan at the Royal Palace:

Meghan Markle face with no makeup

This photo shows her wearing a simple dress with zero makeup look. She doesn’t care too much about her makeup all the time. She is looking perfect with her natural face and expressions. Meghan Markle is also the first mixed-race princess in the Palace and never underestimates herself.

Meghan while showing off her engagement ring:

Meghan Smiling Face without makeup

This photo was taken after she broke the news of her relationship with Prince Harry and showed-off her engagement ring. She is looking really happy and with that beautiful smile, no-makeup is required to enhance her look.

Meghan’s beautiful picture:

Makeup-free Photo of Meghan Markle

She is looking really beautiful in this photo with a smile on her face. She literally wears no makeup but just a gloss on her lips. Her dark brown hair suits her complexion and her eyes are shining with her big dreams inside them.

Prince and Princess happy together:

Prince Harry and Princess Meghan happy together

They both are giving perfect couple goals in this picture. They seem really beautiful and happy together. The royal couple is enjoying their life to the fullest and needs no one else to stay happy. As a bonus, Meghan is also seen without makeup and still manages to look gorgeous and perfectly beautiful.

Enjoying beach time:

How Meghan Markle Looks Without Makeup in Pictures

This picture is captured at the beach while she was enjoying her free time on the beach. She is just wearing a little mascara here and her hair is casually tied in a ponytail. She loves to enjoy her everyday routine life without needing to worry about her dressing and makeup details.


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