Tyra Banks No-Makeup Pictures

Tyra Lynne Banks, also known as BanX is an American television personality, model, writer, and actress. She began her career as a model at the age of 15 and became the first African-American woman to be featured on the covers of GQ and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Banks’ talent didn’t center on modeling but she also became a successful businesswoman, actress, and host. The gorgeous lady is considered a fashion icon which itself is an immense pressure for one to always look best in all situations. Tyra is among those celebrities who always look stunning with or without makeup. Some of her makeup-free pictures are given below to depict her real self.

Tyra Banks No-Makeup Pictures Show Her Makeup-Free Face

Tyra Banks Real Natural Face

Tyra Banks is looking funny in this selfie. Despite patchy, uneven skin, she appeared makeup-free confidently. That means the model never feels shy in sharing her no-makeup look with her fans.

Tyra Banks Natural Face and Hair

She is looking different here without makeup. Banks has tied her hair into a bun while her face is makeup-free and there are dark spots and dark circles which can be seen clearly. Still, she shared that picture with her fans.

Tyra Banks Face Without Makeup

The no-makeup selfies of Tyra Banks reveal her sensational self. She is looking elegant and pretty with wavy brown hair. This is a message for all black women that they look beautiful even without any makeup and just have to believe in themselves.

Tyra Banks Makeup-Free Face

Look at the simplicity of the famous model. Age is just a game of numbers, Tyra still manages to look well-maintained and beautiful even without makeup. Her sparking eyes along with an alluring smile don’t require any makeup product indeed.

How Tyra Banks Looks Naturally

The successful entrepreneur and famous model used to share her makeup-free selfies. Tyra Banks doesn’t bother about others and is always ready to show her real skin along with dark spots to the fans.

Tyra Banks No-Makeup Photos

No doubt celebrities look totally different without their usual makeup and Tyra is among them. She is looking totally different here but her alluring smile and beautiful eyes are capturing the attention as usual.

Tyra Banks Without Makeup Pics

Tyra is looking fabulous in this makeup-free picture. Her alluring smile and beautiful blonde hair are looking amazing.

Singer Tyra Banks No-Makeup Look

The gorgeous BanX posted most of her selfies with funny faces and without makeup. She still manages to capture the attention of her fans through these selfies and looks as usual cute and pretty.

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