Sarah Jessica Parker Without Makeup Pictures

Sarah Jessica Parker is a well-known American producer and actress. She is one of the most famous characters in the television series “S*x and the City”. Sarah has won numerous accolades for her performances. In total, she has received 6 Golden Globe Awards and Two Emmy Awards as well as three Screen Actor Guild Awards. Sarah was born on March 25th, 1965, in Ohio, the U.S. She is not conscious of her age and does not support any kind of cosmetic surgery. Sarah has been seen without makeup several times in her casual makeup-free look in Public places mostly. But most people have never seen her outside her character. So here we gathered her casual makeup-free images, let’s take a peek into her casual daily life appearances.

9 Sarah Jessica Parker Without Makeup Pictures

Sarah Jessica Parker Without Makeup

This is the image from one fine evening when Sarah was seen walking on the sidewalk in her casual no makeup look. Wearing a coat and a sweatshirt. Looking gorgeous but a bit old from her character appearance.

Sarah Jessica Parker Real Natural Face

Here is the picture of Sarah walking in the sunlight with a big smile in her casual makeup-free look. Her wrinkles and soft old skin are visible in natural sunlight here. She has blonde hair with no makeup on.

Sarah Jessica Parker Natural Face and Hair

Here is the image from one of her projects where she is working as a producer early in the morning without any makeup or formal look. But this is one old picture because her wrinkles are not visible here.

Sarah Jessica Parker No-Makeup Photos

This photo was clicked by a fan when Sarah was sitting with her friends. Eating lunch and gossiping. Her grey hair and grey eyes are one fine quality of her beauty. But her grey hair and appearance without makeup, made her look old enough.

Sarah Jessica Parker Makeup-Free Face

Sarah is enjoying her pool time with her friends and got clicked by Paparazzi. Sarah is standing candidly without makeup and chewing her lip from one side. Her glowing skin looks beautiful in sunlight but she is getting older day by day and getting wrinkles on her face and hands.

How Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Naturally

During one of her live interviews, she is seen wearing an olive green top and big Eye Glasses. She is giving this interview without putting any makeup on. Her makeup-free face makes her look a bit older than her actual age.

Sarah Jessica Parker Without Makeup Pictures

Sarah is walking towards her home after doing groceries for home. She is holding a juice in her hand and looking amazing in this no-makeup look. She stays confident even if she is without makeup.

Sarah Jessica Parker With and Without Makeup

In a Walmart, Sarah is getting groceries and wearing a grey zipper with big black goggles. She is wearing no makeup and totally killing this casual look. Although the wrinkles on her face and hands are visible without makeup.

Sarah Jessica Parker No-Makeup Routine

This picture was captured by a fan while, Sarah is sitting in a hospital waiting area and reading a book wearing a casual dress and sitting without makeup. It is visible that Sarah has grown old and has many wrinkles on her face and hands as well as she is getting weaker day by day.

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