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Pictures of Ellen DeGeneres With No Makeup On Her Face

Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an American actress, comedian, and host. She is well-renowned for various sitcoms like Ellen and hosting shows like Syndicated and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As an actress, she also made appearances in many films like Mr. Wrong, and The Love Letter while also working as a voice-over artist for animated films such as Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

She is always seen in her shows and other events in a full makeup look and seems like she is fond of makeup very much. Have a look at some of her latest pictures with no makeup at all where she is totally bared face:

Pictures of Ellen DeGeneres With No Makeup On Her Face

Ellen and Portia Without Makeup

Bared face selfie of Ellen and Portia:

In this selfie, Ellen is with Portia de Rossi where they both seem quite happy with their smiling faces. Ellen is wearing glasses and this look quite suits her. She is in a completely bared face look without any makeup. Apart from his age, he is still looking young with her fresh skin.

Ellen DeGeneres No Makeup Photos

Enjoying the sunset at the beach:

Again Ellen is looking very happy with her girl Portia de Rossi at the beach while enjoying the sunset. She wears no makeup at all here and still looks quite ravishing in this casual and happy look. As she is getting older but still looks good and young.

Ellen DeGeneres Face Makeup-free

Enjoying with her soulmate:

Ellen always opted to go makeup free on her personal vacations and mostly show off her natural skin. Here she also seems to be enjoying herself with Portia while out. Ellen and Portia mostly take makeup-free selfies while traveling or anything else. Ellen still looks graceful with no makeup at all.

How Ellen DeGeneres Looks Makeup-Free

Happiness with no makeup:

Another selfie of Ellen where is just happy and seems like enjoying her life to the fullest with Portia. She is putting no makeup at all on her face and looks beautiful with zero makeup look. her happiness is the key to her beauty still at this older age.

Pictures of Ellen DeGeneres With No Makeup

Laughing while walking:

Ellen is again very happy in this photo as of his age factor, she is now considered one of the senior artists in the industry but still, she manages to look young and graceful through her smile on a totally bared face. Her skin is blooming as she walks through the sunlight and there is a pure shine on her face.

Ellen DeGeneres Real Natural Face

Makeup-free selfie of Ellen:

Her posture and smiley face in the pictures are the same as we can see she seems happy in her all pictures. Her age factor does not affect her natural face beauty with a big smile. She is looking beautiful with her girl on the side.

Ellen DeGeneres No-Makeup Pictures

One happy day picture:

This picture is taken while she was out and again we can see a big smile on her face. She is looking naturally beautiful in this natural face with zero makeup on her face. She mostly goes out with no makeup usage at all.

Ellen and Portia DeGeneres No Makeup Photos

Outing selfie:

This selfie was taken by Portia while they are out for some enjoyment. Although Ellen’s hair is looking quite fussy in this picture still she manages to look beautiful at this age with no makeover at all. She is all natural in this picture as well.

Young Ellen DeGeneres Without Makeup Photos

Random picture while talking:

This photo was taken randomly while she was talking to someone while walking. She looks quite different here as she wears no makeup and no smile here because this is one of her random pictures. Still, she looks good in that serious talkative look.

Ellen DeGeneres With and Without Makeup

Relaxation time with weird expressions:

As we can see that this selfie is taken in her free time while watching something with Portia de Rossi and she is showing some horrible expressions as they are seeing something scary. Portia while enjoying this also captured it in the camera. She is in a total makeup-free look and looks quite cute.

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