Nicki Minaj No Makeup Look Pictures

Nicki Minaj is an American singer and Rapper. Her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty. The reason behind her fame is her versatility in music, her albums even topped the Billboard 200 and Billboard hot 100. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago on December 8, 1982. She released her first original album “Pink Friday” in the year 2010. Her mother Carol Minaj was also a gospel singer. Her father was an addict and had temper issues. She appeared in her concerts and in public places always with makeup on but, we have gathered some of her images in which she is without makeup and looks different from her public appearances. Let’s have a look at her pictures:

Nicki Minaj No Makeup Look Pictures From Young Age to Now

Nicki Minaj Natural Face and Hair

Here is one very popular selfie of Nicki Minaj, she just woke up and had this picture clicked on her bed where she can be seen without makeup. She has a dark complexion and clear skin. Her hair is a little messy in this picture as well.

Nicki Minaj Makeup-Free Face

This was clicked by a paparazzi when Nicki was taking a walk in her sleeping tracksuit. She is wearing no makeup at this point and her raw dark skin can be seen clearly.

How Nicki Minaj Looks Naturally

This image was taken by Nicki herself and she posted this on her Snapchat story. Her hair is tied up tight in a ponytail and her wide lips are prominent in this picture. She has clean skin because she takes good care of her cosmetic routine.

Nicki Minaj No-Makeup Photos

This image was taken by one of her during one of her concerts. She was seen without makeup for the first time publically here. Nicki is wearing a pink hoodie with a hood covering her head. She is holding up a mic and her white dyed hair gives her a perfect rocking look.

Young Nicki Minaj Without Makeup

A fan moment picture where she clicked a selfie. With a fan and it can be clearly seen that she is totally makeup free here in this image. Her dimple is very deep and clear in this picture. It is one of her casual appearances where she met her fan.

Nicki Minaj With and Without Makeup

Nicki clicked this selfie after getting out of the shower and she is getting ready for her meeting or anything like that. Wearing a clean white shirt and wet hair gives her a hot look. She is looking gorgeous in her casual clean look.

Nicki Minaj No-Makeup Selfie

This selfie is for the out-of-shower look. She made a pout and her wet hair covered her face. Nicki is still in her bathrobe that’s why she is wearing no makeup at this point. Her wide lips and dark shiny hair give her a perfectly hot look.

Nicki Minaj Face Without Makeup

Nicki was seen at a party holding her baby. She is wearing a bandana-style scarf on her head. It is clearly visible that she is without makeup here and her dark complexion is visible in this picture. Her baby is looking at the camera just like she is posing for the picture with a pout face.

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