Marilyn Manson No Makeup Latest Pictures: How He looks Makeup-Free?

Marilyn Manson is an American singer. He is best known for his performances and image as a singer of his band. The singer was born as Brian Hugh Warner but later on, changed his name after actress Marilyn Monroe and a criminal Charles Manson. Marilyn first became an internationally recognized music star with hit albums Antichrist, Superstar, and Mechanical Animals. After his success in the music industry, he appeared in many TV series and Films too. In addition to his music, he is also famous for his various looks. He is mostly seen in public with makeup. But there are a few pictures of him with no makeup on. Some of those rare photos are given below.

Marilyn Manson No Makeup Latest Pictures

Marilyn Manson no makeup look

This is another Marilyn Manson no makeup picture. He likes to wear casual clothes. In this picture, he looks pretty different than his everyday look.

Marilyn Manson as a Prisoner

This picture is taken from his movie scene, where he was in jail, and for that role, he was not wearing any makeup. His expressions go hand in hand with his overall look.

Marilyn Manson with Minimal Makeup

In this image, Marilyn is looking quite serious. Although, he uses a little mascara and eyeliner. This photo is taken in the courtroom where he is facing some serious allegations. His serious look with minimal makeup gives a shock to many of us.

Marilyn Manson in a Movie

Another photo of Marilyn from his movie scene, where he looking so serious while talking on the phone. Without makeup, he looks mature and decent.

Marilyn Manson stay home look

This picture reveals the casual look of Manson where he is reading a book in his free time. It shows his simple style and natural pose.

Young Marilyn Manson

Early days photo of Marilyn, where he visited Australian Zoo. He is almost non-recognizable as he was so young at that time. Looks like he’s having a great time with the Koala bear in the zoo.

Marilyn Manson Casual Look

Another behind the scenes photo of Manson, where he is playing violin for his movie scene. In real life, he is always conscious of his dressing. So, these muddy clothes picture of an actor is quite a surprise for his fans.

Marilyn Manson Teenage Picture

This is young Brian Hugh Warner who looks handsome in this young look. I must say he should stay simple because he looks more decent and handsome in that look rather than his makeup looks.

Marilyn Manson in a TV series

This is another surprising look for Marilyn fans in which he looks quite different in these glasses. His hairstyle, dressing, and glasses seem quite interesting. This look is also from behind the scenes of a TV series.

Marilyn Manson without makeup with Wife

Here Marilyn is seen with his wife. The couple traveled a lot and enjoyed their time when they were together. Manson is looking like a young tall boy who is carefree. In this photo, he is wearing minimal makeup and looking very different.

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