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Maria Sharapova No Makeup Pictures

Maria Sharapova is a professional tennis player. She is one of the most beautiful tennis stars in the world who is considered a natural beauty. She just looks like a supermodel in her natural look and that’s why she has been featured in numerous fashion magazines and has even remained the face of several brands. Makeup is also not necessary for a tennis star when they are in their playing mode. Whether it’s on or off the court, Maria Sharapova doesn’t necessarily require makeup and that’s why she has been seen many times in a makeup-free look. So here are some of her photos where she hasn’t used any makeup and still looks deadly gorgeous.

Maria Sharapova No Makeup Pictures: How She looks Makeup-Free?

Maria Sharapova Zero-Makeup Look

This picture of Maria was taken after her practice session where she seems quite serious and tired but still managed to look beautiful in that simple look. She is one of the most beautiful tennis players and this picture is proof of her natural beauty.

Maria Sharapova no-makeup selfie

This selfie is taken in the car while traveling without any makeup. Her green eyes look mesmerizing and blonde hair looks beautiful on her.

Maria Sharapova car selfie

Another car selfie of Maria, where she is wearing a hoody with bared face and curly hairs. Her bared face still looks nice with a zero makeup look. Her eyes color is an addition to her beauty.

Maria Sharapova makeup-free pic

The photo was taken while Maria was out for her practice session where she is wearing a casual tracksuit with her free hair look. She looks quite fresh and happy with no makeup. She also doesn’t need any makeup to look good.

Maria Sharapova casual look

This Russian beauty clearly needs no makeup to look good as she is considered a natural beauty. She is looking very cool in her free hair and a scarf on her neck. She literally wears no makeup here at all. This is all her natural look which is really good.

Maria Sharapova playing tennis

This picture is taken during her game where she seems tired and full of sweat but still, her natural features are so gorgeous that she is able to maintain her beauty.

Maria Sharapova at a press conference

Again Maria’s makeup-free photo where she is busy in her press conference with the minimal use of gloss. Her skin is looking so fresh and hydrated. Her beautiful eyes seem full of dreams.

Maria Sharapova in casual dress

In this picture, Maria is looking really gorgeous with a black top and jeans. She is wearing just a slight amount of makeup here. It seems like it was her formal night with friends. Maria is looking deadly attractive here as well.

Maria Sharapova without makeup photo

This is another proof of her naturally beautiful face. She is very attractive with her natural eyes and face.

Maria Sharapova No Makeup Pictures

This picture shows her match-winning moment where she is very happy and giving love towards her family and fans. Her eyes are shining and her face looks quite beautiful with that smile and with zero makeup look. She is one of the few stars who doesn’t need makeup as they are naturally beautiful.

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