Madison Pettis No Makeup Photos

Born on 22 July 1998, Madison Pettis is an American actress. She earned her major roles as Sophie Martinez in the comedy series Cory in the House and as Peyton Kelly in the film The Game Plan. Her other major projects included Life with Boys and Smart Alec.

Pettis has a massive fan following on social media and she is also active on that platform. Madison used to share her various pictures on Instagram and Twitter with or without makeup. Her gorgeous look and glowing skin do even don’t any makeup to enhance her beauty. Some of her makeup-free pictures are given below which reveal her natural beauty.

Madison Pettis No Makeup Photos from Young Age to Now

Madison Pettis Makeup-free Look

Pettis owns beautiful facial features and lovely skin which make her look captivating even without makeup. She is looking stunning with curly hair along with an alluring smile without any makeup in the picture.

Young Madison Pettis Face

The 23 years old actress, Madison owns a confident and bold personality. She has an amazing figure and glowing skin which she used to maintain through workouts and a healthy lifestyle.

Madison Pettis without Makeup

She is really a style icon for teenagers. Pettis knows how to choose dresses and hairstyles according to events. Even she can carry her makeup-free look beautifully.

How Madison Pettis looks with no makeup

The superstar is looking amazing in a no-makeup look as she was photographed during her night out with friends. She is wearing high-waisted brown trousers and a cami with a brown lace design along with a pendant and a bracelet.

Madison Pettis No Makeup Photo

The young actress is looking stunning in this wavy look hairstyle along with light makeup. She shared this picture on Instagram which earn praise from her fans.

No Makeup Selfie of Madison Pettis

With or without makeup, Pettis is a stunner. Her glowing skin and alluring smile can make anyone crazy. Look at her sparkling eyes and dewy complexion which make her pretty even with a no-makeup look.

Actress Madison Pettis without Makeup

Madison shared this makeup-free picture on Twitter with the caption “baby it’s been that way”. Her fans praised her a lot below the picture which shows her natural beauty.

Madison Pettis Natural Face Look

The young actress and model is looking hot and sexy in this picture along with curly hair and a no-makeup look. Her fair complexion, ravishing smile along with slim figure make her a Diva in the photo.

Madison Pettis No-Makeup Face

Pettis is looking excited in the picture she shared on Twitter with the caption “Take a hike, wearing the new fabletics collection”. With a high ponytail along with a beautiful pair of leggings, Madison is looking stunning.

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