9 Lisa Rinna No Makeup Photos

Lisa Deanna Rinna is an American actress and author. She earned her breakthrough from the reality television series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Her other major work included Melrose Place, The Middle, and 8 Simple Rules. Being an author, Rinna has written three books including Starlit, The Big Fun, and Sexy Sex Book. The actress is also engaged in some other ventures like a fashion line named The Lisa Rinna Collection and the cosmetics collection Rinna Beauty.

No doubt, Lisa has spent several years in the entertainment industry but still, she prefers to be simple and makeup-free in her daily routine. Here are given some of her makeup-free pictures which show her natural beauty.

Lisa Rinna No Makeup Photos Reveal her Natural Face Look

Lisa Rinna No Makeup

It seems the age factor doesn’t affect her beauty. Lisa is looking gorgeous in this makeup-free look and the main factor behind her glowing skin and slim body is yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

Lisa Rinna Natural Face

Despite the fact that Lisa is running her own cosmetic collection “Rinna Beauty” but still she prefers to be simple behind the camera. This makeup-free picture of the actress shows her fresh face and line-free complexion as she heads to a yoga session. Holding her exercise mat along with an alluring smile, she gave a thumbs up to the camera.

Lisa Rinna Makeup Free Selfie

The actress is showing her makeup-free morning selfie. Her skin is looking fresh as compared to her age fellows while her eyes and lips are enhancing her natural beauty.

Lisa Rinna without Makeup Pic

Rinna is never afraid of posting her makeup-free pictures. She believes in simplicity and a healthy lifestyle that can give a real glow rather than the use of any cosmetics. As can be seen in her selfie where her skin is glowing without any makeup.

Actress Lisa Rinna No Makeup Photo

The actress is known for her larger-than-life lips Lisa Rinna can be seen bare-faced right after showering. Her fair complexion and beautiful eyes are enhancing her natural glow. It seems she doesn’t need any makeup to look beautiful because she is a stunner with or without makeup.

Lisa Rinna Casual Look

The star can be seen without any makeup as she stepped out in Los Angeles. She tied a bandanna over her hair which pattered skull and crossbones along with black tights and a shirt. Lisa is looking stunning at this age even without makeup.

How Lisa Rinna without Makeup

The host of the talk show “Soap Talk” is looking amazing in this makeup-free selfie. Her ravishing smile while capturing this picture is enough to show her natural beauty.

Lisa Rinna and Daughters Makeup Free

In this picture, Lisa is enjoying the holidays with her daughter and she has not put on an ounce of makeup. It shows her courage to reveal her real self to the public.

Selfie of Lisa Rinna in Bed

Lisa shared a close selfie from bed, showing no sign of heavy makeup. Despite some dark spots on the skin, she is looking amazing.

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