10 Katy Perry No Makeup Pictures from Young Age to Now

Katy Perry is a renowned American singer who stands as one of the best selling music artists in the world. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is not only known for her amazing god-gifted voice, but also for her gorgeous natural beauty. Known for her incredible fashion sense, she loves to be in a simple and casual look in her everyday routine life. Whether it is her with makeup or no-makeup look, she always manages to look like a total diva. So just to give you an idea, here are some of Katy’s makeup-free selfies or other outdoor pictures that reveal her no-makeup natural face over the years.

Katy Perry No Makeup Pictures from Young Age to Now

Katy Perry Makeup-free selfie

Katy Perry looks so flawless with her fresh and glowing skin in this picture. She shared this selfie on her social media account. Her eyes have the charm to attract everyone and her skin seems to be glowing.

Picture of Katy Perry with no face makeup

This picture is taken before she was going to perform on stage. She looks very happy and satisfied with that no-makeup look. Her eyes look so charming and she seems beautiful in every aspect.

Young Katy Perry without makeup

We must say that Katy is looking extremely gorgeous here. She looks so innocent and charming with no makeup at all. She is wearing a casual t-shirt and pants and needs no formal makeup or dress to look cute and beautiful.

Katy Perry on Vacations

This photo was captured while she was trekking with her boyfriend. She looks so casual with her completely bared face. Katy has naturally beautiful eyes that have so much charm. She is beautiful in every way.

Young Katy Perry with a Baby

Here is Katy with her cute little cousin. She looks like a cute little girl in this picture. Her big and beautiful eyes made this image even more amazing. She always manages to look fabulous even with zero makeup.

Katy Perry no-makeup casual look

Here Katy is outing on a rainy day. She is wearing a casual but trendy style coat and sneakers with jeans. Her face is completely free from makeup. She looks quite adorable in that simple and casual look.

How Katy Perry looks without makeup

The singer seems to be enjoying her cup of coffee while soaking in the sun. She looks quite happy and relaxed while going bared face.

Katy Perry workout look

Katy Perry is looking so strong and fabulous in her natural look while exercising at the gym. She is much praise able with zero makeup look here. This is a good example for her followers as exercise is very beneficial for healthy skin and body.

Katy Perry no makeup photo

Another photo of her while she was out for some jog where her dog is also seen with her. She is wearing her casual tracksuit. Her face is totally free from any kind of makeup and she looks beautiful in that natural look.

Katy Perry no makeup selfie

This photo of Katy was shared by her on social media when her grandmother passed away. She looks so beautiful with a bared face as there is no need for her to use makeup to look gorgeous. She is a perfect example of natural beauty.

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