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Kate Middleton No Makeup Face Photos

Kate Middleton or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is a member of the British Royal Family. She is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and they have three children together. In fact, Kate is one of the most popular personalities in the world and has a wonderful personality.

Her natural beauty and glowing skin are examples that a woman can look beautiful without makeup as well. Here are some no-makeup looks of Middleton which explain her sense of dressing and natural beauty.

Kate Middleton No Makeup Face Photos

Kate Middleton Without Makeup

She has a magnetic charm on her face without makeup. This is probably one of the best pictures which depict her natural glow and allure. How well she carries her face without any kind of makeup, which she hardly requires.

Kate Middleton No Makeup Photos

Middleton looks super gorgeous without the application of any kind of makeup product. In this picture, she doesn’t apply any kind of heavy liner or lipstick but still attracts people with her magnetic personality.

Kate Middleton Makeup-free Face

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was spotted walking the streets and giving a beautiful smile to the people. Her smile and shining eyes with a little bit of jewelry captured all the attention which proved that she doesn’t need any kind of makeup to look beautiful.

How Kate Middleton Looks With No Makeup

This adorable photo of Middleton without makeup was released on her Ski Holiday. She looks gorgeous in casual dressing and her face without makeup is a proof that healthy diet and inner happiness can make any woman beautiful.

Duchess of Cambridge Without Makeup

Kate Middleton frequently shows off her naturally alluring face to the public which keeps up her popularity. In this picture, the rays of the sun are kissing her face and she looks so natural and pretty without any makeup.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge No Makeup

We have seen the Middleton from primed to perfection. Her face is an example of a fresh healthy face. She has no doubt fabulous skin for which Kate uses rosehip oil in her daily skin care regimen.

Young Kate Middleton Face Without Makeup

Even without makeup, her skin looks fresh and glowing. Wearing simple pants with a white top, this picture is the perfect example of her natural beauty.

Kate Middleton With and Without Makeup

Since the day of meeting with Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge is inspiring us with different hair and makeup looks. Along with that, she is not ashamed to show her no makeup looks to the public. Her glowing face and charming personality don’t need any makeup.

Kate Middleton Young and Now

Middleton looks so beautiful in this picture, depicting how gorgeous she looks without mascara, and just puts on sunglasses to hide her no-makeup look.

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