Heather Hemmens No Makeup Pictures

Heather Hemmens is an American actress, director, and producer. She is famous for her role as Alice Verdura in The CW series Hellcats. Her other major work included Rosewell, New Mexico, and If Loving You Is Wrong. The stunning actress holds a charismatic personality and looks gorgeous even without makeup. She feels confident in her own skin and never bothers about makeup behind the camera. Some of her makeup-free pictures are given below which show her natural beauty.

Heather Hemmens No Makeup Pictures

Heather Hemmens Makeup-free Face

Hemmens never feel shy in sharing her makeup-free pictures. In spite of her dark complexion, she owns attractive facial features which make her look stunning as can be seen in the picture.

Heather Hemmens With No Makeup

The multi-talented actress and director know how to well-maintained herself. Heather is looking gorgeous in blue jeans and a pink top. Her makeup-free face and slim figure is attracting us the most.

Heather Hemmens With and Without Makeup

The Hellcats actress owns an alluring smile that can make anyone crazy. Hemmens knows how to carry outfits according to the event which makes her a style icon for teenagers.

Young Heather Hemmens

Heather’s black hair along with sparkling eyes and dewy complexion, all are complementing each other in such a way that she is looking ravishing in a no-makeup look.

How Heather Hemmens Looks Naturally

The star is capable of adopting any character due to her acting skills. Hemmens bold and confident personality allows her to go out even without makeup.

Actress Heather Hemmens No-Makeup Photos

Marcie Holmes of “If Loving You Is Wrong” prefer to be simple and elegant in her daily routine. She owns a healthy lifestyle and has a preference to take care of her skin through natural methods rather than applying makeup to look beautiful.

Heather Hemmens Body Figure

Heather Hemmens is looking sexy in these short jeans. Her figure explains a lot about her workout routine to remain healthy, active and fit.

Heather Hemmens With No Face Makeup

The stunning actress posted this makeup-free picture on Twitter with the caption “The spirit blossoms only from freedom”. She is looking fabulous in a swimsuit along with a pair of sunglasses.

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