Georgina Rodriguez No Makeup Photos

Georgina Rodriguez is the glamorous girlfriend of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. She is a model, dancer, and mother to Cristiano’s four children. Georgina has a huge fan following on social media and she has never become afraid of showing her natural look without any makeup to her fans.

Rodriguez has a charismatic personality that can attract anyone, even Cristiano fell in love with her when she was working at Gucci and Ronaldo was a personal shopping client of hers. Some of her makeup-free pictures are given below which show her natural beauty.

Georgina Rodriguez No Makeup Photos: Her Natural Face Look

Georgina Rodriguez No-Makeup Look

The beautiful and talented Georgina is looking stunning here even with a no-makeup look. She is wearing casual jeans, a shirt, and a black jacket over it, looking elegant and bold.

Georgina Rodriguez Makeup-free Face

In this picture, Ronaldo’s girlfriend Rodriguez chooses a gorgeous natural look. She wore a winter black coat but kept it simple with ALO socks and sliders at a Cheshire café.

Georgina Rodriguez Body Figure Shape

The mother of four children knows how to maintain her figure. Georgina prefers to do workouts to maintain her body and figure which can be seen in the picture.

Model Georgina Rodriguez Natural Face

Rodriguez owns beautiful face features along with a dewy complexion that doesn’t require any makeup to enhance beauty. She is the perfect example of beauty and talent. Her alluring smile is enough to make someone crazy.

Georgina Rodriguez Without Makeup Photos

Rodriguez loves dancing. Her perfect figure along with stunning natural beauty can make anyone crazy and Cristiano is among one of them. Hence, glammed or de-glammed the model looks gorgeous.

Cristiano Ronaldo Wife Without Makeup

This is the morning selfie of Georgina’s family. She is looking cute even without makeup. In fact, everyone in the picture is looking happy and contented with each other.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez No-Makeup Faces

Rodriguez never feels shy in sharing her makeup-free pictures on social media. She prefers to be simple and makeup-free at home like any other woman. In fact, she is looking stunning along with Ronaldo and the kids.

Georgina Rodriguez With No Makeup

The model is looking elegant here with a no-makeup look. She has tied her hair from the back and looks stunning in black high-waist leggings along with a black high-neck.

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