Drew Barrymore No Makeup Pictures

The multi-talented American actress, Drew Barrymore is the recipient of several awards including the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award. She began her career as a child artist and later on Barrymore starred in several successful films such as Never Been Kissed, Scream, Ever After, and Grey Gardens. Besides acting, Drew as well is a founder of the production company called Flower Films and in 2013, she launched a range of cosmetics under the Flower banner. The actress believes in aging gracefully without much commotion. That’s why Barrymore is never afraid of posting her makeup-free pictures. She has her natural raw look and often can be seen with grey hairs, undone eyebrows, and messy hair. Some of her no-makeup looks are given below.

Drew Barrymore No Makeup Pictures Showing Her Natural Face

Drew Barrymore Natural Hair and Face

Barrymore believes in the power of workouts and Yoga to relax the mind and body. Yoga kept her skin fresh and glowing that’s why Drew looks gorgeous in spite of growing years.

Drew Barrymore Real Natural Look

In this picture, Barrymore is enjoying summer with a fresh face and attitude. She wrote “Happy” alongside this selfie, which depicts that peace and happiness is her priority in life.

Drew Barrymore No Makeup Pictures

Drew is looking gorgeous in a white outfit, with blonde hair, and a makeup-free look. Her face is glowing without any makeup and she can be seen really happy and fresh.

Drew Barrymore Makeup-Free Face

She is a perfect example of natural beauty. The beauty secret behind her flawless skin even at this age is Aloe Vera.

Drew Barrymore Face Without Makeup

Drew’s skin just shines like gold. She can rock the screen even without makeup. No doubt, Barrymore is gifted with natural beauty.

Drew Barrymore No-Makeup Selfie

Barrymore is never afraid of sharing her makeup-free looks. She believes in natural beauty and mostly stepped out of her home without any makeup.

Drew Barrymore Without Makeup Photos

The multi-talented actress loves to share her natural beauty secrets. She is looking stunning in this picture. Her alluring smile and the shine in her eyes are breathtaking.

Drew Barrymore With and Without Makeup

No doubt, the age factor affects her skin, but still, Barrymore is managing well and confident enough to show off her naked face to the public.

Actress Drew Barrymore With No-Makeup

Here, Drew is enjoying an amble on the beach sand, out in the warm sun. She is looking amazing in her swimwear and become a perfect example of sun-kissed beauty.

Drew Barrymore No-Makeup Routine

Barrymore is looking happy to welcome Fall. This selfie depicts her love for nature, she is looking excited and happy while taking this picture in a park.

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