10 Courteney Cox No Makeup Photos

The beautiful and talented American actress Courteney Cox was born on 15th June 1964. She earned worldwide recognition for her role as Monica Geller on the NBC sitcom Friends. Her other major projects included the horror film franchise Scream, sitcom Cougar Town and drama series Dirt. Moreover, Cox is the founder of the production company Coquette Productions.

The actress has taken several avatars while performing in various films and television series but her simplicity and bare-faced pictures are more attractive. Courteney as well feels comfortable without makeup and never feels shy in sharing those pictures with her fans. Some of her pictures are given below which show her natural beauty.

10 Courteney Cox No Makeup Photos

Courteney Cox No Makeup Face

The actress owns a stunning beauty. Her fair glowing skin and beautiful facial features don’t require any makeup. That’s why she has been considered among the beautiful celebrities of Hollywood.

Courteney Cox Face With No Makeup

Courteney is never afraid of sharing her makeup-free pictures. Despite of age line on her face, Cox prefers to be bare-faced in her daily routine and just does take care of her skin through different skin care methods.

No-Makeup Face of Courteney Cox

The Monica Geller of the sitcom Friends never hides her natural beauty through makeup. Cox prefers to be simple which makes her personality more attractive.

Courteney Cox Makeup-free Look

The gorgeous lady holds a confident personality along with natural beauty. Courteney looks amazing even without makeup, her alluring smile and sharp facial features make her more pretty.

Actress Courteney Cox Without Makeup

The famous actress and producer never compromise her health. She looks stunning even at that age and it’s all because of her healthy lifestyle and workout routine.

Courteney Cox Hot Body Figure

Look at the gorgeous Courteney Cox along with her daughter. She looks young and pretty even without makeup. Wearing a casual outfit long with glasses on her face she is looking like a Diva. Her well-maintained figure and bold personality can be seen easily.

How Courteney Cox Looks Naturally

The director of the sitcom Cougar Town goes out of her home to shop for gardening supplies in Malibu. Cox is looking magnificent in casual jeans shirt along with glasses and covering her face with a mask.

Courteney Cox Beautiful No-Makeup Look

The multi-talented actress never bothers about makeup in her daily routine. Most of the time, Cox stepped out of her home wearing a casual outfit and even without makeup as can be seen in this picture.

Courteney Cox Makeup-free Selfie

The Cream actress used to share her unfiltered pictures on social media. Courteney always promotes self-care and natural beauty by wearing no makeup whatsoever. In fact, she has aged beautifully throughout her acting career.

10 Courteney Cox No Makeup Photos

Look at the alluring smile of Courteney, she is looking amazing without makeup having glasses on her face along with a beautiful smile. Hence, she is beautiful naturally and doesn’t require makeup.

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