Christina Hendricks No Makeup Pictures

The legendary American actress and former model Christina Hendricks is a recipient of several accolades including the Screen Actors Guild Award and Critics’ Choice Award. She is best known for her role as Joan Harris in the AMC drama series Mad Men. Her other major work included Kevin Hill, Beggars and Choosers, Tin Star, and Good Girls. Her magnificent personality along with natural beauty made her a “Best Looking Woman in America”. Christina’s dewy complexion and glowing skin even don’t require any makeup, she looks gorgeous even without makeup. Some of her makeup-free pictures are given below which show her real skin.

Christina Hendricks No Makeup Pictures Show Her Natural Face

Christina Hendricks Without Makeup Photos

The beautiful doesn’t require any makeup to look attractive. As can be seen in the picture her face is totally makeup free but still, she is looking stunning due to her natural beauty and glowing skin.

Christina Hendricks Natural Face and Hair

The “Mad Men” star prefers to be makeup-free in her daily routine. In spite of being a part of a glamorous industry, Christina feels more comfortable with her own skin and looks amazing.

Christina Hendricks No-Makeup Selfie

Hendricks knows the importance of a healthy and well-maintained physique. That’s why she still looks active and young even at that age. Her dewy complexion and glowing skin are a result of her daily skincare routine.

Christina Hendricks Makeup-Free Face

The super-talented actress can be seen here without any makeup. Christina is wearing casual black leggings along with a white t-shirt and still looking adorable. It seems her charismatic personality and natural beauty are enough for her to look stunning.

Christina Hendricks With and Without Makeup

The red hair beauty Christina Hendricks never feels shy in sharing her makeup-free pictures on social media. She holds the title of the world’s sexiest woman which is no doubt true in her case. Look at her amazing bold personality, indeed she is a divine beauty.

Christina Hendricks No-Makeup Pictures

Hendricks is looking stunning here in a makeup-free face, casual outfit along with slippers. It seems actresses prefer to be simple behind the camera to relax their natural skin and body.

How Christina Hendricks Looks Naturally

The actress is looking just amazing in a casual look. Christina has put her hair into a bun, wearing brown jeans and a blue shirt she is looking fabulous in this simple avatar.

Christina Hendricks No-Makeup Routine

Hendricks looks amazing in every look whether glammed or de-glammed. Her charming personality and natural beauty can attract anyone immediately. Look at her fair and glowing skin which doesn’t even require any makeup to look beautiful.

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