Christina Aguilera No Makeup Photos

The renowned American singer Christina Aguilera is a recipient of several accolades including Grammy Awards and Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is considered one of the best-selling artists of all time, her beautiful voice combined with her girl-next-door look was simply the craze for the time. Now, Aguilera is a mother of two but still provides occasional hits that rule the records for weeks.

She holds a stunning personality along with her naturally beautiful look which attracts others. Here are given some of her without makeup looks which depict Christina’s natural beauty and elegance.

Christina Aguilera No Makeup Photos Show Her Makeup-free Face

Christina Aguilera Real Natural Face

Aguilera is looking different without makeup, heading towards the airport with her NY black cap. Her flawless and glowing skin can easily be seen even without makeup.

Christina Aguilera With No Makeup

The famous singer is looking gorgeous in this picture even without makeup. It seems her alluring smile and innocent eyes don’t need any makeup to look beautiful.

Christina Aguilera With and Without Makeup

This is on the set of ‘Burlesque’ where we see her with a new hairdo and she is just looking pretty. Her inner happiness and contentment can be seen on her face.

Christina Aguilera Without Makeup Pics

Aguilera is looking quite serious and committed after work in this picture. She put on a beanie paired with some big shades and a loose sweater blouse. In fact, her natural look is making her more attractive.

Christina Aguilera Makeup-free Face

The singer is looking fabulous in this picture. She is wearing a casual outfit along with a hat and one can easily see her face without any makeup.

Pictures of Christina Aguilera Without Makeup

This is Christina’s picture along with her ginger-haired son. She had no makeup on her face and still looked pretty which depicts that she is a naturally beautiful woman who never needed makeup to portray her beauty.

Christina Aguilera No Makeup Photos

Mostly, we are used to seeing Christina in red lipstick and preened blonde hair but here she opted for a little makeup, leggings, and a checked shirt. While her sleek hairdo is replaced with a half up half down option with a center parting.

How Christina Aguilera Looks Naturally

The renowned singer never feels hesitation in sharing her makeup-free picture. Aguilera prefers to be simple and real in her daily routine. In this picture, she is looking amazing in a casual look her natural beauty and glow can easily be seen even at this age.

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