Adriana Lima No-Makeup Pictures

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model, born on June 12, 1981, in Bahia, Brazil. She is one of Victoria’s Secret’s Angel and was also rated as the most valuable Angel in the year 2017. She worked with Maybelline a cosmetic company as well. Her father left the family when she was only six years old and Lima was only raised by her mother alone. Lima can speak four languages as she is of mixed descent of Portuguese, Native Brazilian, African, and Japanese, as well as West Indies. She has a very fine and fit personality. Limo has appeared without makeup several times and she still looks beautiful in these appearances. We have gathered some images of Adriana Lima without makeup for you, let’s have a look:

Adriana Lima No-Makeup Pictures Showing Her Makeup-Free Face

Adriana Lima Natural Hair and Face

In this image, she was traveling somewhere in her car and clicked by a paparazzi getting out of the car. Her straight shiny black hair and clean skin add up to her beauty in her without makeup look.

Adriana Lima Real Natural Face

This photo is clicked in the daylight while she sits in a chair casually without makeup. In this casual look, she is looking so humble and cute. Her grey eyes are also getting prominent in daylight. She has no cosmetics or makeup on in this image.

Adriana Lima No-Makeup Photos

Lima clicked her own selfie while sitting on a couch in her home. She is wearing no makeup at all. Sitting casually without makeup in her lounge looking gorgeous with her pinkish cheeks.

Adriana Lima Without Makeup

Lima is getting in her car. Wearing the pink tracksuit in a casual without makeup look. Just wearing the big Eyeglasses that helps her improve her vision when she is not wearing her lenses.

Adriana Lima Makeup-Free Face

Here Lima is seen wearing a Brazil international team football jersey. Going to dinner after a football match. She is slaying this Brazil fan look with no makeup on. She takes care of her skin that’s why she doesn’t need to use makeup very regularly.

Adriana Lima With and Without Makeup

This is her post-workout selfie. Her pink cheeks are prominent after getting all warmed up in the gym. Her sweaty face is visible without makeup because no one wears makeup to the gym. Lima is also known to be a boxing freak.

Adriana Lima No-Makeup Selfie

Lima took her selfie while traveling on an airplane. She is traveling in her casual no makeup look. There is a small pimple on her right cheek visible on her clean pink cheeks. Her grey eyes always add up as a bonus to her beauty even without makeup.

How Adriana Lima Looks Naturally

This picture is taken from Adriana Lima’s teenage years. She is in her raw look smiling with her white teeth. She colored her eyelids with pink eye color but overall, she is makeup free in this picture as well.

Adriana Lima Face Without Makeup

Lima is killing in this out-of-the-pool look with wet hair and no makeup. Her natural tan skin complexion is making her look gorgeous. Little droplets of water ran down her face and body. She is looking pretty amazing in her al natural without makeup look.

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